New York Mets notebook

A lot of things happening with the Mets right now, beginning with the managerial interviews:

1) BACKMAN INTERVIEWS TODAY: Sandy Alderson will interview Wally Backman in California today and it is not a courtesy interview as the general manager doesn’t have time to waste. I’ve been hearing the Wilpons have some apprehensions concerning Backman, but nothing specific other than his lack of major league experience has come to light.

I’m still wary about Backman because of the experience factor, believing there are others that bring more immediately to the table.

2) COLLINS THE FRONTRUNNER: I don’t see how anybody can come to the conclusion Terry Collins is the frontrunner without all the interviews being conducted. The Mets do like Collins in his current role working with the minor leagues and could prefer him to stay in that role. Don’t forget, if Collins is reassigned then the Mets will need somebody else for the minor league job.

3) TAKAHASHI GONE: The Mets did not bring back reliever Hisanori Takahashi. The difference in gap  isn’t $1 million as people have suggested, but closer to $10 million if what has been reported is close. At 36, three years is a long time to give to a reliever with only one year in the major leagues.

4) CHARLIE SAMUELS: What was he thinking? The gifts Samuels received from the players is irrelevant. It’s the position he had and the betrayal factor. How much he bet on baseball, or if he bet on the Mets, is uncertain. The argument if he bet on baseball it would be OK if he wagered on the Mets doesn’t make it because of the message it sends if he didn’t bet on the Mets. Why?

I’ve always liked Charlie, but investigations like this don’t happen if there isn’t some degree of truth to the claims.

Too bad.

5 thoughts on “New York Mets notebook

  1. 1.) we shall see..
    2.) maybe its all part of teh revamping?
    3.) oh well. money talks.
    4.) Shame lets hope this is the final pin in the donkey and the mets can start fresh next season.

  2. 1)
    i have read a few articles claiming uggla and a few others really liked him.

    2) has his short time in that role been the difference in the minor leagues helping us?

    3) cant give an old guy a long contract.

    4) betting is what got pete rose banned. i don’t see why a man with daily contact with the players is any different. and then there was shoeless joe.

  3. So this goes back a while

    It was during the 2005 investigation of the Bonanno gambling ring that Samuels’s name “popped up,” according to one of the people briefed on the matter. That investigation led to 36 people being charged in what prosecutors said was a $360 million operation.

  4. 4.) Like any director or VP joining a new firm. He brings in the people he knows and trusts.