Time for Reyes to put up.

As expected, the Mets picked up the $11 million option for Jose Reyes for 2011 and left open the possibility of a long term extension.

REYES: Time to put up.

Those talks won’t happen soon.

When the Mets signed Reyes to a multi-year deal in 2006, he was on the verge of stardom and being a special player. The injuries that plagued him early in career were seemingly behind him, he was an All-Star and regarded as one of the top leadoff hitters in the game. There seemed to be no ceiling to his potential and the Mets rewarded him for they thought he might provide.

But, he hasn’t lived up to those expectations. He hasn’t provided.

Reyes missed most of the 2009 season with hamstring injuries, and was sidelined this spring with a thyroid issue causing justifiable concerns about his durability. For several weeks this past summer Reyes was at the top of his game, but then came the oblique problems and the season faded away for both the Mets and their shortstop.

Now it’s time to talk money.

Based on what he gave the Mets the past two seasons, would you sign Reyes to a long-term deal now?

Alderson’s thinking is to keep Reyes for 2011 to see where he is in his career, then make a decision for the future beginning for 2012 when he has more money. Reyes must prove  he’s healthy and the player the Mets have long envisioned. He needs to improve his on-base percentage, start being a threat on the bases again – where is the guy who stole over 60 bases? – and sharpen a focus that still wanders.

All that talk about Reyes becoming a gamebreaker, a force, an elite player … well, Alderson is waiting for it to happen this summer. Reyes must prove to the Mets he finally is that player if he’s to get the extension he wants.

If he doesn’t, then this time next year the Mets could be letting him walk.

23 thoughts on “Time for Reyes to put up.

  1. The new GM motto.. put up or shut up and don’t let the door hit you too hard in the arse on the way out.
    Thank you for playing.. bye bye

  2. That is a fair stance.

    Jose has always been brittle and we have seen that for all the brilliant plays he gets in a funk and just flubs it.

    An elite player, in addition to doing the amazing, is consistent. Jose has never really been consistent.

    In addition to jose, david needs to get off that strikeout bandwagon he has been on.

    Everyone says what a good hitter he is. Well good hitters dont strike out 200 times a season. I dont think he will ever learn to throw across the field without putting it in the stands.

  3. Straw man has a career record of Strikeouts: 960

    Wright should surpass next year maybe 😉
    2004 NYM 69 263 41 77 17 1 14 40 14 40 6 0 .293 .332 .525 .857
    2005 NYM 160 575 99 176 42 1 27 102 72 113 17 7 .306 .388 .523 .912
    2006 NYM 154 582 96 181 40 5 26 116 66 113 20 5 .311 .381 .531 .912
    2007 NYM 160 604 113 196 42 1 30 107 94 115 34 5 .325 .416 .546 .963
    2008 NYM 160 626 115 189 42 2 33 124 94 118 15 5 .302 .390 .534 .924
    2009 NYM 144 535 88 164 39 3 10 72 74 140 27 9 .307 .390 .447 .837
    2010 NYM 157 587 87 166 36 3 29 103 69 161 19 11 .283 .354 .503 .856
    Career 1004 3772 639 1149 258 16 169 664 483 800 138 42 .305 .383 .516 .899

    2004 NYM 69 263 41 77 17 1 14 40 14 40 6 0 .293 .332 .525 .857
    2005 NYM 160 575 99 176 42 1 27 102 72 113 17 7 .306 .388 .523 .912
    2006 NYM 154 582 96 181 40 5 26 116 66 113 20 5 .311 .381 .531 .912
    2007 NYM 160 604 113 196 42 1 30 107 94 115 34 5 .325 .416 .546 .963
    2008 NYM 160 626 115 189 42 2 33 124 94 118 15 5 .302 .390 .534 .924
    2009 NYM 144 535 88 164 39 3 10 72 74 140 27 9 .307 .390 .447 .837
    2010 NYM 157 587 87 166 36 3 29 103 69 161 19 11 .283 .354 .503 .856
    Career 1004 3772 639 1149 258 16 169 664 483 800 138 42 .305 .383 .516 .899

  5. The Giant’s bought out the WS MVP’s contract for 500k.

    Would the Mets have the guts to do that?

  6. Steve(4)

    That is a problem I have with Straw. He killed many games with his cold funks. He also carried the team every year for a month or so when he got hot.

    I am not a fan of the all or nothing approach to hitting. It can work. It can work well. And then you curse the player when things don’t go well. Straw got booed.

    A LOT.

  7. 8.) i have the same issue,. as i preached. a HR is a rally killer. more times than not small ball will win the game. yes a well placed HR can assure victory. but when everyone is always swinging for the fences. you get nothing.

    Kingman was the same way. Piazza .. a long list of mets .. Even Delgado .. *now i have to go wash my mouth out* .. 😉

  8. The trimming has begun:
    NEW YORK — New Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has spent his first week on the job tending to various administrative matters, and on Thursday, he pared the team’s 40-man roster down to 34 players.

    The Mets announced that the Royals have claimed infielder Joaquin Arias off waivers, ending his brief stint with New York. Arias, 26, was 6-for-30 after the Mets acquired him from the Rangers for outfielder Jeff Francoeur in September.

    The Mets also outrighted right-hander Eddie Kunz, lefty Raul Valdes, third baseman Mike Hessman, outfielder Jesus Feliciano and catcher Omir Santos to Triple-A Buffalo, removing them from the 40-man roster. All but Kunz spent time on the active roster last season.

  9. (8) Steve C: Are you starting again? Rally killer….LOL!!! There is only one instance where it could be a rally killer…let’s say the team is down by 5 runs in the bottom of the ninth…they manage to load the bases by stringing a few hits together and then the next batter hits a grand slam to cut the lead to one. More often than not, they don’t go ahead and score the tying or go ahead runs. But again, thats the ONLY time. Because…you need three hits sometimes to score one run…but more often than not…two hits and a home run gets you three!!! It’s pretty simple. Maybe one day you will get it! :-)

  10. (6) Dave: Sabean gave him one of the worst contracts in baseball history. He gave a guy coming off an OPS of .699 a three year deal. Omar would have been villified if he gave this contract out. Renteria hardly played this year and was due to make $10.5 mil in 2011. There isn’t ANY organization that would have picked up that option, WS MVP or not.

  11. watching alderson statement from october. he stated that the team has no one that is untouchable.
    I find that very telling…
    I havent seen anything on taki.

  12. Steve-O(10)

    That is assuming the HR swing goes out of the park – fair. Many times they go foul or just an out.

    I am not as much against the HR as the other Steve, however the HR hitters are usually an all or nothing affair. A line drove hitter has a probability that it is not caught on the fly and then you force the field to make the right plays.

    So in that sense small ball is preferable as you die by a thousand cuts.

  13. Steve(12)

    I think we would have. We gave a declining Luis a 4 year $6/per deal. We gave Ollie a sub 500 pitcher who you have to beg to pitch correctly as 3 year $12/per.

    $10.5 is cheap! And for a WS MVP to boot!

  14. 13

    I get the feeling that we will let Taki walk.

    Not sure if that is a good or bad decision. I like his versatility. He does well under pressure and seemed to like it here.

  15. Steve-O i understand the HR and its place. But when its all anyone wants to do.. 1 run every 3 games doesnt help. if everyone hit consistent infield hits. notice i say consistent because its easier to keep the ball fair and run it out then it is to get it over the fence. You have a better team.
    For me if they play small ball and a running aggressive game. leave it up to the manager to tell the slugger. ok go for it.
    now if in hitting a hard single you get a HR, as keith likes to say. then its gravy.
    But more times than not going for the HR never works out, especially for our guys.

  16. (15) 10.5 mil for a light hitting SS whose production even can make Alex Cora laugh, is not worth it.

  17. FYI –

    guys this is an age old debate. small ball versus HR Ball.

    Tastes great! .. NO, less filling! ..

    In the end, we want to enjoy our team,however they play, and our beer, as long as it isnt spudwieser

  18. (19) I guess we will all agree that a combination of small ball and the 3 run homer is the best way to go. Deal?

  19. 21. I am good with it. 😉 Deal.

    BTW – i am having a numbering issue with the posts. I posted some web links. and so i have 1 more post listed than you guys. waiting for JD to moderate. I hate when word press gets a hard on for http links.