Alderson makes good first impression

Sandy Alderson concluded his introductory press conference less than an hour ago at Citi Field and made a positive first impression in laying out the groundwork for the first year of his four-year contract with the Mets.

Among the topics he addressed:

FRONT OFFICE: As suggested here yesterday, Alderson said a priority would be in piecing together his staff. He stressed the word “collaborative,’’ meaning he’ll bring in some quality people and delegate responsibility. It figures to be a staff that encourages the free flow of information and ideas, but Alderson didn’t leave any doubt that wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger on a decision. The farm system, he said, produced players last season, which could be interpreted as a plus for Terry Collins.

MANAGER: The impression is Alderson isn’t keen on bringing in a celebrity manager, which isn’t good news for those stumping for Bobby Valentine. Alderson did say he wasn’t averse to hiring a fiery personality, which leaves the door open to Wally Backman. The new manager should reflect the organization’s philosophy, and should have an intellectual and analytical side to him. Alderson mentioned no candidate by name, but speculation is Bob Melvin has emerged as a favorite. The interview process is expected to begin next week.

THE FUTURE: Alderson said he’s not focused beyond 2011. He admitted he doesn’t expect to be a big player in this winter’s free agent market, but that the Mets expect to be players in the future. Alderson acknowledged the team has financial constraints with up to $130 million earmarked in salary for next season. He also said the team should be competitive in 2011, and with increased production from Jason Bay and others (Carlos Beltran for one, but he didn’t mention him by name) the Mets could be better.

THE DEADWOOD: Alderson said: “I think we want to be thoughtful about everything we do.  I’m mindful of public opinion, but I think we have to be circumspect here. I think we need to be careful about writing off any player or any asset we have without thinking about it carefully.’’ Alderson left the impression he would speak with Oliver Perez about 2010. Alderson didn’t say Perez had a role for next season, but he also didn’t say he didn’t, either. Unloading Perez in a deal will be next to impossible, so he’s not about to hurt himself in trade talks by trashing Perez now. Alderson is simply keeping his options open, which is the smart thing to do.

It was a good first impression, but considering where the Mets have been, it would’ve been hard for Alderson to not have impressed this afternoon.

I, like a lot of others, want Alderson to turn around this franchise. A competitive Mets team is good for the city and for baseball and today was a positive.

9 thoughts on “Alderson makes good first impression

  1. Thanks John.

    Sounds like the 130 is a number we cant get out of.

    We are not ready to contend so lower expectations is a good thing.

    At least they are not lying to us like every year and saying we are ‘competitive’ or will win because we came so close in 2006 and we are not much different than then.

    We still need pitching. I hope they bring someone in on a short contract to help.

  2. I was able to catch some video of the new gm and i am hopeful.

    he seems reasonable and grounded. i caught little jeffy and he seems like the same little jeffy saying the same thing he has said the past few years.

  3. dave (1/2): Alderson said they could be competitive, but not with the rotation the way it is. Last year they passed on some middle tier arms and were lucky with Dickey and Takahashi. I hope they don’t pass again.-JD

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  6. The farm system had nothing to do with Terry Collins. I mean after all, he just started for the club in 2010 and had no responsibility for drafting or developing any of these players. Quite honestly, I don’t care who Sandy picks as manager. IN SANDY I TRUST!!!!! :-)

  7. Yes I will trust in Alderson.
    Honestly i would like first order of business to be an announcement that they are officially dropping Los. from their aliases.
    I hate pandering..

  8. I just think we as Met fans just have to realize that there are no quick fixes here. As long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel i’m willing to be patient. We had to sit thru quite a few years of losing baseball in the early 80’s until the mid part of the decade when it all came to fruition. I’m only sorry Sandy wasn’t the GM at the last draft.

  9. We have endured spectacular losing for the later half of this decade. I want us to be on the right track rather than more patterns of lies and false hopes.

    Stop throwing mountains of money at broken players – Olie, Luis, Alou, et al.

    Spend the money the Wilpons give you on productive players. Not all of these guys will be gold, but they shouldn’t all be busts either.

    Most of the best players on the team recently have been the young hungry, fundamentally sound players.

    Why is that?