Mets to name Alderson

He was the favorite from the moment he announced his interest in the job, and a formality after being endorsed by commissioner Bud Selig. Although the Mets have not officially done so, the announcement of Sandy Alderson for the organization’s GM position is forthcoming – Friday during the World Series travel day.

ALDERSON: It's a new day.

Alderson beat out Josh Byrnes for the job, so it was a win-win for the Mets regardless. The Mets ran a thorough search, interviewing a long list of qualified candidates. It’s hard to think any of the choices would have been bad, but Alderson is off the charts.

Alderson has a sterling reputation in the sport having brought winning to Oakland and San Diego, and with his work in MLB and in Latin America. Alderson brings credibility to an organization that has long needed it; he brings decisiveness and toughness which has long been lacking.

Perhaps, above all, he brings with him the tools for change and the knowledge it won’t come overnight. Rebuilding the Mets will be a long process as several bulky contracts will weigh the team down for any immediate influx of talent in 2011.

Alderson is 62, but that’s a number. He’s a progressive thinker who has done it. His reputation is such that he’ll bring in quality people and implement a system that works.

I really like this move because it is no a quick fix. He isn’t the flavor-of-the-month the way Omar Minaya was when he took over.

The Mets are immediately better today because they sent the message they are serious and the rest of baseball believes them.

13 thoughts on “Mets to name Alderson

  1. I am hoping you are right.

    It has been hard watching this team since 2007.

    There is talent here, but with the money they spent they are truly the sad sack Mets.

  2. It looks as if some of our minor talent is doing ok so far.

    FMart tries his yearly offseason comeback. Ruben is taking time off to get stronger.

    If both can be up next year it can help the team. Both have something to offer although FMart really needs playing time as he has never really played.

  3. Oh Happy Day!!!! Steve C: I usually don’t believe in blind faith in my leaders, but in this case whoever he chooses I will trust his judgement. Finally….the Mets have a plan. It’s a brand new ballgame!!!

  4. This is definitely good news. My only question is why did it take so long to bring in an experienced professional to run this team ? For the last 20 years its been amatuers like harzin and duquette and phillips and then the clown minaya. In retrospect, that is what he was. A happy face who didnt have an idea on how to run a team except to sign expensive free agents and try to find nuggets in the DR which he never did. Yes, it is time to be hopefull mets fans. lets hope for a better decade ahead than the last 2 were.

  5. The best choice. It may not work out (a decade ago who’d have thought Glen Sather would be so inept as Rangers GM with a large payroll?) But you have to hire the best people and as Branch Rickey said “luck is the residue of design”. As Ray Sadecki says, for decades the Mets have hired people you HOPE will work out. Now they have someone you have great confidence in.

    Alderson does have baggage with those juicers in Oakland like Canseco and McGwire that he turned a blind eye to. But you could say the same thing in the Bronx with Clemens and A Rod. Lots of people in baseball are guilty so unless you have a massive purge starting with Selig (not a bad idea). Alderson deserves a chance.

  6. (11) The article is so self serving. If Alderson apologizes, so should the Yankees who O’Connor was the beat writer for. And O’Connor should look in the mirror. I am sure he heard the rumors. Did he ever think to do an expose about it? Come on Ian, you had responsibility as a journalist too!!!!!