Changing the culture should be new GM’s first step.

PEREZ: New GM must cut ties right away.

The Mets could name Sandy Alderson as their new general manager, with the announcement coming as soon as Friday, the first travel day during the World Series. That’s the likely day as MLB requires teams from withholding such announcements as not to disrupt the World Series.

Alderson is having his second interview today.

Assuming it is Alderson, the most important thing he can initially do is change the culture of the Mets and that won’t be with the announcement of the new manager.┬áThe single most critical action stop the new general manager can do to signify change to the Mets’ players and their disgruntled fan base would be to convince ownership Oliver Perez has to go.

Perez personifies the mistakes of the Omar Minaya regime and sucks the life and energy out of the team. The Mets played with 24 players for much of the season because of Perez’s refusal to help himself. It was an intolerable situation, one that can’t repeat itself.

Getting rid of Perez will not change the fact the Mets still must pay him $12 million for 2011, but having him gone rids the organization of a disruptive, non-productive and selfish player. Such a move immediately screams the culture is changing. It says the Mets “are as mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.”

The new general manager will have a myriad of decisions to make, but nothing that would change the perception of the organization, both inside and out, as significantly at first as getting rid of Perez.

Such a move would tell Mets’ fans the organization is willing to break with its past reputation of not eating bad contracts. It acknowledges the team made a disastrous mistake and is willing to move on.

Above all, it is a proactive move. There is no more hoping or wishing for Perez to turn it around. Wishing is not a strategy. Wishing prohibits doing and the new general manager must be about doing.

And that message must come right away.

8 thoughts on “Changing the culture should be new GM’s first step.

  1. Sounds like a plan.

    I wish the Mets would be like other teams – rich and poor alike – and cut bait on those players not in their plans.

    You are right. It would be a nice symbolic step for the franchise. Another step would be to consistently use the draft to help the team. This means not going after 15 year old foreign players in lieu of the draft.

    I do not know what pitching free agents are available, but once again as in the past 1/2 decade we need starting pitching.

  2. What about Castillo? Doesn’t he have to go, too?

    Re a new manager, what do you think about Bochy’s moves in the playoffs? Almost everything he did worked. Of course, the players stepped up.

    Kind of stings, though, that Mota is in the WS.

  3. Bruce Bochy, backup catcher on the 1982 Mets team that started the season with great enthusiasm by bringing in Staten Island native George Bamberger and ended with 97 losses.

    Let’s hope Bochy does a better job managing than he did in the 1998 World Series although in that one he was seriously out-manned.

  4. Omaha(2)

    Yes. In keeping with John’s new mandate, he should go.

    He does have value, but not near the $6M being paid to him.

    He can still hit, he can run the bases. He can play the field if you are willing to cover for him.

    He is really only a 2 hole hitter though. Very specialized which limits your batting order.

  5. Issues at hand, in no particular order:

    1.) Perez
    2.) Castillo
    3.) Center/Right field who should really be playing the position
    4.) Pitching
    5.) Bats
    6.) Manager
    7.) Culture

    I could go on.. but i think this says it all.

  6. There is plenty of time to get rid of Ollie. No matter who the GM, they are going to see how his velocity is in the Mexican winter leagus before they completely write him off, IMO.