Will new GM consider Sandberg?

Whomever the Mets choose as their general manager –  indications are Sandy Alderson has the inside track – he’ll have a long list of managerial candidates to consider.

SANDBERG: Could be considered for manager job

Add Ryne Sandberg to that list. The Cubs bypassed Sandberg for Mike Quade, and the Hall of Fame second baseman is not pleased and he’ll obviously listen to other offers.

He’s done everything the Cubs asked of him in preparation for the opportunity to manage in the major leagues, including working his way up the minor league chain, from Single A to Triple A, with success, including being named Pacific Coast League manager of the year.

Sandberg does not have the major league experience advocated here and in other forums, but we don’t know how much that criteria will be weighed by the new general manager. If that is lower on his priority list, Sandberg would undoubtedly receive consideration, as will Wally Backman.

It’s all speculation for now, and some of it will fall on Sandberg.

5 thoughts on “Will new GM consider Sandberg?

  1. I was reading the articles on Sandberg as well. But honestly if they are going to go for a minor league manager. To not give backman a shot after what he did for the cyclones. is tantamount to what they did with Willie and not with M&M until it was too late.
    You have to show team loyalty. Thats the issue with todays game. its all free agency and no one is loyal to the cause anymore.
    Yankee are the only team that does it. its contractual. I think it should go back to the old ways. TEAM. end of story.

  2. if you want team loyalty how about tim teufel? he has been with us a few years and has worked up to AA.

    honestly. i dont know who will make a good manager. certainly someone who is strong enough to firmly put the players in their place.

    there has been too much of the animals running the zoo here. luis is in the last year of his contract. he needs to be a bench player. perhaps spotting 2 and 1 base. he can still hit and run the bases, but his defense is terrible.

    i dont know why they gave him deference. perhaps because he was an all star with another team. his first few months here were pretty good. his mets contract was mostly bad. why the love?

    they also need to put pagan at cf and move beltran to right. i doubt beltran has the speed anymore to play cf. it is what it is. sit him down and explain to him that unfortunately these things happen. the team will be better for it.

  3. 2.) Backman has a proven backbone, at least if you can believe the articles and the youtube vids 😉

    I agree with luis and pagan/beltran ..

  4. Assuming it is Alderson, he has a track record of hiring guys with major league coaching or managerial experience. That to me would rule out Sandberg and even Wally Backman.

  5. As long as the new manager does the job. I could care less who. It would be nice to have an old Metsie but anyone with grit and who will fine the players for bonehead moves is the manager for me.