Mets need to make most of K-Rod situation

Of course, the Mets would have preferred not to pay Francisco Rodriguez anything, but they obviously didn’t think they’d win that battle which is why they worked out a settlement. If they were confident of winning it stands to reason they would have pursued this matter further, even to the point of arbitration.

So, they save $3.1 million in salary for the end of last season, but will owe him $11.5 million for 2011, with an option for $17.5 million for 2012 should he finish 55 games, something he is sure to do if he’s healthy and the Mets are competitive.

Based on what they did this summer, I see the Mets being in a competitive situation meaning Rodriguez will get his opportunities. I can’t see the Mets playing games and shutting him down to avoid the appearance clause if they are having a good season.

That a solution was reached was desirable, and that Rodriguez will play winter ball to test himself rather than wait until spring training is a good decision.

Unlike Oliver Perez, Rodriguez can still be productive and if winter ball answers all the pertinent questions it alleviates a potential hole.

Rather than a protracted fight which does nobody any good, this was the best possible solution.

6 thoughts on “Mets need to make most of K-Rod situation

  1. It sounds to me like they did not think they had a case. Rodriguez gave up last year because he did something outside baseball and it can be proved to be a non work injury that resulted in his not being able to live up to his contract.

    I think he gets everything else in part because they already save 3 mil and they dont want a distraction.

    I dont think he is worth 17 mil which he is likely to get.

  2. The new GM whoever he is, whenever he starts has his work cut out for him.

    Perhaps they will make a selection before the world series is over. However the GM will need some time to take stock of the team and get a closer look at what he has.

    In the meantime he will be under pressure to make decisions.

    We should already have chosen a GM. That means that the process would have started AT LEAST a month ago. That would give the new guy more time to meet his organization and digest all the information at his disposal so he can develop a rational plan for the team going forward before the offseason starts.

    This means choosing your field general and deciding what to do with your free agents and which free agents to go after.

    A tall order.

    Yet again the Wilpons fall flat.

    Kinda when they opened the new Mets stadium in Queens as an Ode to the LA Dodgers.

  3. I cannot believe they didn’t have a case for K-Rod. many analysts seems to think he could be let go. Oh well. 11.5 million. the money just gets crazy and the fact its wasted money.
    unreal. KRod broke protocol he put families at risk, he hurt himself being bad tempered in a non baseball altercation. he loses end of story.
    so what happens again. the mets lose.

  4. #3

    One more thing. If the GM was chosen before the end of the season he would have had a chance to see the players perform in person during the meaningful end of the season.

    This would help the evaluation process.

    Of course we don’t do those things because the team is run by little Jeffy.

  5. 5.) My new name for him is Jiffy Pop.

    Listen i am sure that any GM worth his salt has an idea of what the mets need and what the players problems are..
    That should be the first question asked:

    1.) Have you caught our games and seen our players.
    2.) Yes? great tell me first thing you would change when u r hired. Why?