Why isn’t Fred talking with Alderson again?

I’ve been hearing there are no plans for Fred Wilpon and/or Saul Katz to speak with Sandy Alderson during his second interview and that has me wondering.

Why not? Isn’t there anything else they can ask of Alderson? Maybe Alderson has some questions of his own. Either way, I would’ve hoped Fred Wilpon, who said, “the buck stops with me,” would’ve wanted to get more involved in the interview process.

I don’t know what questions Fred and Katz asked the first time, if any, but I keep hearing the candidates met with Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco. I haven’t heard about Fred’s input in the interview process, but I would like to know what it is and what questions he might have asked.

5 thoughts on “Why isn’t Fred talking with Alderson again?

  1. my understanding was a big part of round 2 was to get these 2 guys face to face with the candidates.

  2. My understanding was that this is still part of the 1st interview. He didn’t get the Citi Field tour like the others did. Next week will be 2nd interviews w/ Fred and Katz