Alderson is front runner for Mets GM job

The Mets have a second interview scheduled this week for Sandy Alderson, who is the only candidate so far with a second interview planned. He is the front runner, and arguably the name with the most potential impact.

The Mets are asking about Texas’ Jon Daniels, who is a hot property, but Alderson has done it consistently and I believe would bring the highest degree of respectability to the organization. What the Mets need now is a fresh start, a sign of legitimate change and Alderson provides that variable.

The Mets have said they’d like to wrap this up by the start of the World Series. After acting decisively right after the conclusion of the season we are closing in on three weeks. Other teams have already hired quality managers and the Mets need to do the same before the end of the month.

They need to show they have a plan in place and are heading in a positive direction to show their season ticket holders before renewals and whatever free agents they might have on their radar.

6 thoughts on “Alderson is front runner for Mets GM job

  1. I have the feeling that not much will be done in the offseason.

    Hopefully they resign Taki. There is a lot of money we owe and that is a limitation. Next year it comes off the books. There is not a lot of flexibility this year and Johan is hurt.

    Can we hope that Ollie wins 15 next year? I don’t, but I expect him to be on the roster.

  2. I was looking at some statistics and noticed that Luis has a very good fielding percentage for the year. Better than Pagan and Franceour. This reminds me of discussions we had this year where statistics are thrown out to support someones position.

    Regardless of your stance on the relevance of statistics – which baseball makes heavy use of – who thinks that this year Luis was an exceptional fielder?

  3. 4.

    I would not even say good.

    He was bad enough for the booth to note that the team shifted to hide the fact that he cannot hold his own.

    So the team defense was compromised while he was on the field.

    Part of my point being that his inability to get to a ball leads the scorekeeper to rule a hit not an error because he can’t get to the ball.

    As you say all year, you use your eyes to make a determination not cold stats.

  4. 5. yep i watched. when he wasn’t injured he was turning some good plays. it was the injury etc. and the fact he is always hurting.
    I agree, i do not think he should be taking up a spot in the lineup when we have talent or can get talent.