The Mets’ GM process drags on ….

Fredi Gonzalez is the new manager of the Atlanta Braves, which didn’t take long. Eric Wedge is the manager of the Seattle Mariners.

Meanwhile, the Mets are still waiting to name their new general manager. They have a few more candidates to speak with, notably Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers once their playoff run is done. After watching them lose last night, you wonder how long that will be.

There will also be a second round of interviews with the finalists, so, we’re talking at least another 10 days. If they are lucky, it will be before the World Series. But, it could drag into November if the Rangers regroup and reach the World Series.

The high-profile managerial candidates could be gone by then, but that’s the risk the Wilpons took in deciding this route. And, it is a good route. The GM should name his own manager. That’s the prudent, sound way to go.

After years of the quick fix, I’m glad to see the Mets go through a complete interview process and get this done the right way as the general manager is far more important in the construction of a team than the manager.

Get it right, or move five years back.

3 thoughts on “The Mets’ GM process drags on ….

  1. but the wilpons should have started the process last month. the GM should be in place by now.

    name a person who follows the mets who did not know those two jokers were history.

    certainly they could have canned omar 2 months ago and had ricco run the team while they start their search.

    as you posted some time ago, there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

    the wilpons are idiots.

  2. 1.) I have to agree, this should have been started well before the season ended.
    But I am glad that perhaps it appears they are doing it properly as JD discussed.