Mets should target Alderson

The Mets today met with Red Sox assistant GM Allard Baird, and will interview White Sox assistant Rick Hahn tomorrow, former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes Wednesday and Sandy Alderson Thursday or Friday.

ALDERSON: Like him for the job.

They appear to be the Mets’ final four unless Terry Ryan has a change or heart.

All are well respected within the baseball community, but Alderson has the highest profile and deepest resume. That’s why I would like him to get the job.

Alderson’s track record will likely enable him to make the most immediate and deepest impact. I believe he’s the one most able to hit the ground running and provide the change that would convince the fan base the Mets are serious.

Alderson built winning teams in Oakland and San Diego, has connections in Latin America which would minimize the need to retain Omar Minaya in that capacity. Plus, he’s wired like no other with the  commissioner’s office. I don’t think anything will get by him.

During this process we’re still hearing about Wally Backman’s managerial candidacy. The Wilpons might suggest him to the new general manager, but they also promised the new guy will make the call.

Each one of these GM candidates is well connected and probably has their own ideas that might not necessarily involve Backman.

3 thoughts on “Mets should target Alderson

  1. March madness on the brain?

    I do not know much about these guys, but connections with selig is not on my list of positives. how has his club done in terms of winning?

  2. First, go Giants!
    Glad they dismantled Atlanta, hope they beat Philly and even more so, I hope they trash the Yankees.
    As for the Mets’ GM, I’d love to see either John Hart or Terry Ryan, because of the way they ran Cleveland and the Twins, respectively. As for Sandy Alderson, yes, he has a strong track record — but it’s been a while since he’s been a GM. Has his stints as a team’s CEO and Club President distanced him from a GM’s perch? Would Alderson’s age and experience empower him to keep Jeff Wilpon’s nose out of day-to-day operations more than younger candidates like Rick Hahn or Josh Byrnes?
    And who would Alderson hire as manager?
    He frequently changed unimpressive skippers he hired in Oakland until he settled on Tony LaRussa and kept him around for nine seasons.
    Hahn would probably bring in Joey Cora, who he knows from the White Sox and Josh Byrnes would probably hire Bob Melvin from his days with the D-Backs. Neither of those managerial candidates impress me.
    One ex-Met I’m surprised isn’t getting attention is John Gibbons, who last managed in Toronto. Wally Backman and Bobby V would be good.
    One guy who’s totally out of the box I always thought would make a good manager is former Angel utilityman Rex Hudler.

  3. Alderson or Logan White or bust!!! Rex Hudler has too much baggage. As far as him choosing LaRussa…well, great pick…lol. Maybe Alderson would hire Art Howe! LOL