Should the Mets consider dealing Jose Reyes?

Whomever the Mets hire as general manager I will be curious to see his take on Jose Reyes.

Will he believe the team should be built around Reyes, or would the Mets be better served to deal him as an attempt to plug several holes, notably in the rotation and bullpen?

REYES: What's his value?

The path of least resistance would be to pick up Reyes’ $11 million option for 2011, then use that season as the basis to negotiate a long-term extension.

The gamble would be to pull the trigger now, thinking his value has peaked. At 27, Reyes is entering the prime of his career and should command a lot in return.

Reyes has missed a lot of time the past two seasons with health reasons and said he’ll work to strengthen his core in the offseason as to not have a recurrence of the oblique problem.

Reyes had a hot stretch this season when the Mets were playing well, but too often was not the player billed up to be, and the question was raised several times: Is this is good as it will get for Reyes or can he become that elite player?

That might be one of the toughest issues for the new general manager to address.

Reyes had his issues with Manuel, and to a lesser extent Willie Randolph, and the managerial hire might help the general manager decided if he will re-energize the shortstop.

All those variables will be evaluated should the team consider trading him, but that will happen after another important evaluation.

If the new general manager believes an overhaul is needed, and more than few pieces are required to return the Mets to contending status, then, depending on the return, I could see him exploring a Reyes trade.

However, if the assessment is this team isn’t far away, especially with the healthy returns of Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran next season, then holding onto him would be the prudent option because I can’t see obtaining player who will be more valuable to them than a healthy, productive and motivated Reyes.

5 thoughts on “Should the Mets consider dealing Jose Reyes?

  1. I am looking at the post and pre -z season of next year this way:
    we lost and lost badly, we lost most of our team anyway. So whatever happens will just be different.

  2. this is the question that has been posed again and again.

    i keep going back and forth on this.

    i dont think jose will get any better. neither will david.

    both are very good players. perhaps seeing them up close you see the warts but not the warts of other players.

    i used to see darryl go away and get into slumps. strike out at crucial times. but every year he would carry the team on his shoulders for about 2 months. he was not a good fielder and had a good arm.

    the opposition was afraid of him because he could change the game in an instant.

    i liked keith better because he was steady. got the key hits and was the best player on the field.

    neither of these guys are of that caliber. the question is what do you get in return? david puts up good numbers, but he is not a dependable middle of the order player. he is more complementary than core. he still cant throw to first without an adventure.

    in the end that is what is wrong with this team. none of these guys can stand up front and center. that is why i liked delgado. he could. he put the team on his shoulders and the other players in the lineup got better, more dangerous. he was the cleanup hitter for a reason.

    the closest we have is ike. but he is a rookie without the raw power to scare the pitcher.

    so the question is, what do we get in return. for the right package i would trade these guys. but i would not trade them just because. we need someone to step up. perhaps ike will eventually be that player. perhaps thole can grow into that. by that time johan will not be the man, so there are decisions to be made.

  3. First, I dont think Reyes will bring back much at this point. he has lost a step and stole only 30 bases this year. He still has trouble staying focused. Nobody is calling him the most exciting player in the game anymore. He only has one year left on his contract which also lessens his value. Next year he will be playing for a contract. I bet he be less prone to his lapses in the field and at the plate in 2011. Signing him to a long term contract would be a big gamble. The Mets need players they can count on to be on the field 150 games a year. At least you can count on wright to be in the lineup everyday.

  4. Different is what the players and the managers make of it. We as fans have to sit back and hope as we do every year.
    Dealing Reyes now wont give us anything huge. He was and is still injured and recovering. as said by others he isnt the player he was. manuel has single handedly ruined every decent player we had.
    M&M is gone its a new era so lets sit wait and see..
    conjecture will just get our hopes down or too high. when management and coaching is replaced we will then see a better direction for the team