With changes, 2011 is underway.

Jeff Wilpon didn’t wait long.

Wilpon, doing the right thing, acted quickly and decisively today in announcing GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel are no longer a part of the Mets. There was no need to delay the inevitable.

Here’s his statement: “We are extremely disappointed in this year’s results and the failures of the past four seasons.  We need to hire a new General Manager with a fresh perspective who will transform this club into a winner that we want and our fans deserve.  We appreciate all that Omar and Jerry have done for the Organization and thank them for their time and effort.  Changes like these are never easy, especially when you are dealing with people you like and respect.”

It was a clipped, cliche of a quote, offering nothing new. That might come in a press conference this afternoon. Probably not, as the real story never is told in these types of gatherings.

Both handled their dismissals with class and dignity, qualities you admire and respect. They aren’t always qualities that translate to winning baseball games.

Manuel was very classy yesterday in his post-game remarks and during the game when he prompted Mike Pelfrey to take a bow and removed David Wright and Jose Reyes so they could receive ovations. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to the players involved. Minaya was the same this morning, saying: “I think we needed a change here. The bottom line is we had three years where we didn’t finish the job, and I’ve been in this town long enough to know that we’re expected to win.”

Minaya and Manuel are gone, as we’ve anticipated since the end of July when the Mets plummeted out of contention after a freefall West Coast trip.

In particular, Minaya’s decisions on Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo have hamstrung the Mets financially, which was underscored in Perez’s awful performance yesterday after a month of inactivity. Watching Perez soil a strong pitching performance by Pelfrey and the bullpen might be Minaya’s legacy with the Mets.

However, before we pile on Minaya, let us remember that ownership signed off on those moves and did not spend the money wisely.

Ownership vowed Minaya and Manuel would be held accountable in 2010, and that they have been. However, ownership promised, but did not deliver on its vow to make significant player acquisitions. And, ownership has not delivered to its fan base a concrete blueprint for change.

Minaya and Manuel are gone, but unless ownership makes a dramatic hire to lead its front office, they will merely be scapegoats.

Change is underway, but will there be real change?

9 thoughts on “With changes, 2011 is underway.

  1. it was reported today that we will have a tough time filling omar’s shoes. who wants to run a team will little jeffies interference?

    when they had that pissing contest with beltran, they pushed aside the gm when he would not call carlos names.

    i am sure others see this. do they want mini me calling the shots?

  2. (1) I kinda doubt it in the fact that there are only so many GM jobs available, and a high profile one in New York will always be attractive to someone. It’s just that getting the right “someone” is the challenge.

  3. Throwing out Minaya and Manuel is winning part of the battle.
    But the real war won’t be won until we overthrow the Wilpons as owners. If we stay away in droves, as we did this season — a 17 percent drop — it might force those clowns to sell the team.
    Otherwise, how much will Jeff Wilpon meddle in running the team, no matter who the GM is?
    Remember when Jeff had the genius idea to sign Kaz Matsui?

  4. (3) I’m not really sure that Kaz is on Jeff, but it wasn’t a bad move at the time. It just didn’t work out. And obviously the Wilpons aren’t selling the team, so you might as well stop the dream. lol

  5. 3/4

    i don’t mind the signing of kaz mitsui. i do mind pushing jose to 2b. kaz should have been the 2b. he probably would have been ok there.

  6. I was reading am ny this morning.

    they had a nice short piece on the possible replacements at gm.

    they also mentioned tim tufeul as a possibility for manager. he is our AA mgr.

  7. 7.) SO the rumor mill for manager:
    Bobby V
    Joe Torre
    The Kid Gary carter
    Wally Bachman
    Tim Tuffel.

    anyone else?
    Davy Johnson? oh wait he said he could never manager these kids today they couldnt handle it.

  8. (8) Carter is on no ones list, so you can scratch him off. I am sure that whoever the new GM is will have his own guy in mind and probably no one any Met writer ever considered.