Mets season ends with disappointment, hope for future

Game #162 vs. Nationals

We’re now done to the final innings, the final pitches of a disappointing season, yet one that ends with some glimmer of hope.

Jerry Manuel spoke of regrets this morning in his final pre-game press conference. He’s been around, he hears the whispers that have become shouts. There will be changes, and therein lies the hope. Maybe the changes will be for the better.

Manuel’s regrets are forcing Jose Reyes in the third slot and rushing players, notably Reyes and Carlos Beltran from injury. I am sure there are other thoughts that will creep into his consciousness in the black of the night this winter.

It’s always that way in every baseball season for every team but one. This year the Mets haven’t been the one as they haven’t been since 1986. There was trepidation for the Mets coming out of spring training, concerns, worries and holes, but during the season there was a turnaround and a flash of hope.

But, the worries and holes resurfaced, along with injuries and poor play and the season faded and then spun out of control and the dreams died.

The Mets will stay home this fall, watching and wondering what might have been. There also will be a time this winter when the thoughts turn to David Wright staring down that pitcher yesterday and saying “enough is enough,” with the high-and-tight fastballs. There will also be thoughts of Mike Pelfrey taking a step forward, of Angel Pagan, or Josh Thole, or RA Dickey and of Ike Davis.

There were things down the stretch that said the situation is not hopeless, that there is reason for hope and perhaps soon a season won’t end in regret.

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6 thoughts on “Mets season ends with disappointment, hope for future

  1. you are right. unlike previous seasons there is some hope because of the players your listed.

  2. Well, at least we are getting off to a good start for 2011 witht the release of the GM and the manager.

  3. Sorry for being absent for most of the summer, but a lot of family things going on. The Mets season hasn’t provided a lot of solace, either.

    But good to see the attempt at a fresh start. Still, with the Wilpons at the helm we may just get more of the same.

    I’m sure someone has brought this up over the summer, but with the Dodgers ownership in disarray, maybe Fred Wilpon will buy the Dodgers and sell the Mets?

  4. That would be good.

    Then hopefully we can have a better owner.

    This also means that they have to prove they can afford to buy the Dodgers. They may not be able to do that.

  5. where did everyone go here? no Chiti, no Tiffany, no other Steve, no Gurney? Where oh where did everyone go JD?