New Chat Room; Pelfrey seeks long term deal.

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Game #156 vs. Brewers

Tonight is the first game of the Mets’ final homestand of the year, with Mike Pelfrey starting. It has been a tale of two seasons for Pelfrey, who got off to a 9-1 start, but faltered for July when the Mets began their swoon. Pelfrey has seemingly regained his early-season form, which is a positive sign looking forward in that he was able to correct his mistakes and make adjustments.

Pelfrey, under Mets control until 2014, is arbitration eligible in the offseason and can expect a big raise. Pelfrey said he’d like to avoid the process by signing a long-term extension.

“I would be interested,” Pelfrey said. “They’d have to bring it up, but I’m sure we’ll explore it. I’m definitely open to it.”

7 thoughts on “New Chat Room; Pelfrey seeks long term deal.

  1. Ed (1): Ed its great to hear from you. I’m glad you’re busy. It’s been an interesting season for me. The Mets? Well, what can I say about the Metsies? Another disappointing season.-JD

  2. i read about this. since mike’s agent is boras, what expectation is there that any contract will be signed this year?

  3. dave (4): I would say very little chance. Boras is banking on a big arbitration pay day as the foundation to build a long-term deal. With another two years like this, Pelfrey will be extremely pricey. With all those contracts just sitting there (Perez, Beltran, K-Rod, Castillo), i don’t see the Mets making long-term noises with Pelfrey.-JD

  4. Ed (3): I tnought .500 was a chance, and it still is. But, at the break I thought they could really contend. That all changed after that West Coast trip.-JD

  5. john(6)

    really? you thought they cudda been a contenda?

    i was happy they had a nice run. but it is a long season and they had a lot of holes. ruben’s and ike’s ba were dropping.