New Chat Room; don’t hate, admire Phillies.

Game #155 at Phillies

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I know most Mets fans hate the Phillies, but I was wondering whether that hate was really directed at Philadelphia’s obnoxious fans? I would guess that it was.

About Chase Utley’s slide. Hmm. Wouldn’t you like to see the Mets play with such a chip? Here are the Phillies, they are about to win the NL East for the fourth year in a row – something the Mets have never done – and one of their key players goes all out.

Dirty? I don’t know. But, I sure wish the Mets would play with such aggressiveness all the time. I wish they went all out 100 percent of the time. If they did, they wouldn’t be close to 20 games out. The Phillies have their flaws; all teams do. But, playing with a lack of hustle isn’t one of them.

Will watching the Phillies clinch in front of their eyes give the Mets motivation? Does it really matter. If the Mets aren’t disgusted by now, then will they ever be? Motivation must come from within. If the Mets need the external stimulus of watching the Phillies to motivate them, then they are in more trouble than I could imagine.

2 thoughts on “New Chat Room; don’t hate, admire Phillies.

  1. Yes. The Mets need to play with more purpose. Back in 2000 when Clemens threw the bat at Piazza. Who on the team challenged the opposing pitcher? Piazza was too much of a wus. He teammates were no better.

    This is still the Mets. If the opposition throws a bat at your best player and you do not react that speaks volumes.

    If the opposition slides in hard at 2b and your only reaction to a clean but hard play is someone could get hurt that says something about you to.

    I agree with John here. I also agree with the managers take the day after. One of the rare occasions where Jerry is right. Of course he has to call out his plays in only the way Jerry can. He won’t sit the player for not putting forth the effort. He needs to stab him in the back in front of the media because that is what he is. Kinda like that little snake advisor to the King in Lord of the Rings.

  2. i just saw the replay on

    i dont see anything wrong with this. he came in with his body. did not come in spikes up, did not aim his spikes at the player.

    he made tejada make a decision. stay in to make the double play or bail and just get the one out. ruben did his job, turned the play and afterward – as a good rookie does – did not complain at all.

    if david wright, et al have a problem, they need to look again and do this when they are on the bases. perhaps we will win more games if they follow utley’s example.