Expect more of the same ….

Unless the Mets discover a sense of pride and their offense this weekend, it is conceivable the Philadelphia Phillies will celebrate winning the NL East in front of their eyes. In 2007 and 2008 the Mets collapsed and were eliminated on the final day of the season. Last year was lost from June on.

This year, from their dugout, the Mets can watch their rivals celebrate success, something they haven’t been able to do since 2006.

And, even if the Phillies don’t bring back slugging outfielder Jayson Werth, the Phillies should remain far superior to the Mets.

They are better at starting pitching and in their bullpen, dwarf the Mets in power, and when it is all on the line, they aren’t afraid to make the big deal. Last year they brought in Cliff Lee; this year it was Roy Oswalt. And, of course, let’s not forget Roy Halladay while the Mets let the pitching market dwindle.

Both teams have had their share of injuries, but the Phillies acted through trade and a deeper minor league system to tread water when Ryan Howard and Chase Utley went down. The Mets forced the issue with Carlos Beltran last year which could conceivably cost them his services for the first half of this season. They also pushed the envelope with Jose Reyes when they should have disabled him around the All-Star break.

The Phillies have more pitching, more power, a front office willing and capable of making the big deal, and an overflowing ballpark that has them printing money to patch whatever holes.

This could be the third straight season the Phillies reach the World Series; the Mets have done it four times in their history.

The Phillies seem to do whatever it takes to improve. The Braves got better this year. The Marlins can’t be dismissed. The Mets? Well, they have $130 million earmarked to bring back the same group of dysfunctional players next year.

The Mets players might not think of that this weekend when then watch the Phillies celebrate. Maybe the Wilpons and management will.

3 thoughts on “Expect more of the same ….

  1. The players are all smiles. as they always are even when losing. why they go home and get that pay check.
    I am not happy by this season by any stretch of the imagination.
    When we had a chance to win 2 straight back in the 80’s what happened? they sold everyone off before we could even think of winning. and we barely made it. in the end. metsies have yet to win 2 straight. winning one is a cash winfall, because Management can sell any part of the team afterwards for a huge profit. until that mentality goes, winning one will be amazing and 2 in a row would be another miracle

  2. forget about winning two in a row, or winning one.

    we need the ownership to define what competitive means.

    do they mean that they are not mathematically out of the postseason by the all star break?

    as john mentions in the previous post, little jeffie is the gm. little jeffie needs to go back and play with his tinker toys and the ownership needs to hire a baseball person to make baseball decisions.

    this means that when draft time rolls around and there is a player on the board that has talent and might be able to help us that we draft that player; not pass them over because we have a budget or buddy deems that the player is asking for too much money.

    that means that you make a plan in the offseason highlighting your weaknesses and prioritize them. then go after them and try and solve them.

    in all the years that omar has been gm we have needed starting pitching. 6 years later we go into another offseason needing starting pitching. i dont know if it is his fault or little jeffies fault. but the ship is broken and they need a carpenter.

  3. oops.

    meant to post it here..

    to follow up on the above.


    the first article is on juan urbina. he is only 17 in the gcl. baseball america ranked him #6 in the gcl. so maybe in 4-6 years he may help the club.

    this is part of the problem with omar. he gets what many consider very talented players from the international scene but who knows? fmart 3 years ago was this hot can’t miss player who everyone wanted. now that he is 21 or whatever, we offer him in trades and we get a yawn.

    this is what i mean by plan. it is nice to reach for these guys and hope that 5 or 7 years later they may help the team or even be a star. but where is the plan? where is the systematic acquisition of players to make the team stronger? 6 years later the team is a mess.

    as bill parcells says, you are your record. our record says we are a losing team.