What’s the use?

I keep hearing all these names as potential replacements for Omar Minaya – including Kevin Towers, one who got away – and realize all of them might improve the Mets in some capacity. Who to choose?

Then I realize, it doesn’t matter, because the Mets’ GM position is a figurehead position with little real autonomy because Jeff Wilpon makes the key decisions. Fred Wilpon believes his son is doing a good job, but does he really?

What we need from Jeff Wilpon is the commitment to a plan, a blue print of how things are going to be. There needs to be a defined set of roles and policies to be adhered to. A decision on a budget, including the tough decision on whether to eat non productive salaries.

No top notch general manager such at Pat Gillick will come to work for the Mets because his authority will be undercut by Wilpon. It is jeff’s sh0w, as is his right, but the real change has to come from a change with him not the addition of some high marquee name.

Until Jeff Wilpon defines his input and can resist stepping in the Mets will continue to flounder.

3 thoughts on “What’s the use?

  1. Wilpon thinks he’s steingrabber. He isnt.
    so he needs to step back and get someone that will do the job properly.
    Steingrabber knew the job , pay bucks for a key player and tell that player if you dont produce there’s the door and contract nulled. have a nice day.
    I am glad the Mets arent the yankees. But I wish the Mets were still the Mets.
    They are the Los Mets,. and I HATE THAT!
    i hate y\the black in the uniform probably more than Keith hated the old piping.
    I hate the Los everywhere and I hate the black in the colors.

  2. Just read about the Arizona signing of a new GM. I did not realize Omar has been with the team 6 years now.

    6 years of mostly futility. 6 years is long enough to put your stamp on a team and build a foundation that was weak. He inherited a weak farm system and 6 years later there is not much progress.

    So after 6 years we have a universally regarded weak farm system and a major league franchise that fights for last place year after year.

    Time to replace everyone. I don’t know what management is waiting for.

  3. to follow up on the above.


    the first article is on juan urbina. he is only 17 in the gcl. baseball america ranked him #6 in the gcl. so maybe in 4-6 years he may help the club.

    this is part of the problem with omar. he gets what many consider very talented players from the international scene but who knows? fmart 3 years ago was this hot can’t miss player who everyone wanted. now that he is 21 or whatever, we offer him in trades and we get a yawn.

    this is what i mean by plan. it is nice to reach for these guys and hope that 5 or 7 years later they may help the team or even be a star. but where is the plan? where is the systematic acquisition of players to make the team stronger? 6 years later the team is a mess.

    as bill parcells says, you are your record. our record says we are a losing team.