Where to plug the holes?

I’m looking at the Mets’ payroll for 2011 and see around $130 million is already spent, much of it on players who could make a minimal impact, if at all. Money will be spent on Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and Francisco Rodriguez, but what will the return be?

Castillo will get his money, even if he doesn’t play full time at second base. This is one of the few spots where the Mets could upgrade. They also must upgrade their rotation, bullpen and bench.

Every other position, I see, is already accounted for.

I see Ike Davis and Josh Thole as building blocks. Even though they could get something in return, I don’t see them dealing David Wright and Jose Reyes. Jason Bay, assuming he’s healthy, will come back in left field.

Beltran is virutally untradeable with an $18.5 million contract for next year (the Mets would have to pick up most of it in a deal) and having been injured for much of the past two years. He’ll be back and Angel Pagan will move to right, that is, unless the new manager can convince Beltran to switch from center.

The Mets don’t figure to spend heavily, so they’ll hope for a repeat from RA Dickey, and continued development from Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese. They might pick up a middle-tier arm to minimally off-set the projected loss of Johan Santana.

And, if they can’t shed K-Rod’s contract, they’ll hope he’ll be sound following thumb surgery. They’ll try, but might not be able to re-sign Hisanori Takahashi, and they’ll hope Bobby Parnell further develops. They’ll swap out their other bullpen pieces with mediocrity and hope for the best.

They’ll hope from the best from Bay and Beltran, hope Wright and Reyes have better seasons, and that Pagan wasn’t a fluke.

It really doesn’t matter who they bring in here as GM and manager, their hands are tied with their existing contracts and the way the roster is configured.

They don’t figure to be much better, if anything, other than they are today. They will bide their time into they clear some salary off the books for the 2012 season.

14 thoughts on “Where to plug the holes?

  1. werent they able to Null K-Rod’s contract because of the clauses about fighting and getting hurt etc etc etc.

  2. For the past few years it seems a quality stopper can be had for about 5 mil.

    they should do that.

    As for luis. on this board for the past 2 years ppl have been screaming to replace luis. of course with his contract they wont. perhaps ruben will be up, or some other minor leaguer. but i dont see them going out and getting someone.

    this might not be a bad thing as this team needs more youth and energy.

  3. i agree they need pitching. with the destruction of jenrry, there is nothing ready to come up in early summer.

  4. just a reminder, i have been asking for pitching for the past 3 years. even with the signing of johan they should have gone out and got another arm.

  5. dave (5): Pitching has been and always will be the priority. As of now the Mets have no concrete expectations from Johan Santana and Jenrry Mejia.-JD

  6. The wheel will turn and we will finally have that magical team. win a series. then have it stripped apart for the cash and been in the hold for another decade.

  7. steve,


    but unfortunately the marlins have done that cycle several times and we are still sitting in the basement.

  8. delcos, you are correct. 2011 became a lost cause with santanas surgury. At least all pretense of being a contender is now gone and a new GM and Manager will be free to do a systemwide evaluation and build towards 2012 and future years.

  9. My hope is Beltran and krod will show enough to bring some young talent back in a deadline deal. Perez MUST be cut. that is imperative. Castillo, I see them keeping unless a solid answer at second base appears. Reese Havens was the main hope there but now he needs back surgury. I could see Reyes also being traded if he brings back enough. Wright will stay. He is under control for 3 more years and for all the complaints mets fans have, at least he stays healthy which is a valuable trait, especially on this team.

  10. (10) Ray: No way they are keeping Castillo. They don’t need his disgruntled butt on the bench and they don’t need to saddle the new manager with him either. He is shot. Done. Finished with the Mets.