Encouraged by Pelfrey

PELFREY: On the cusp of stardom

The qualifier, of course, is it was against the Pirates, but it was good to see Mike Pelfrey throw a good game last night. His July swoon was alarming, but he seems to have corrected his mechanical and concentration problems that slammed the brakes on a potentially great season.

It is premature to say he’s completely there as a starter, but he could win 16, 17 games this year which is a watershed mark for a pitcher. And, if he even went .500 during his slide he could be looking at a 20-win season.

Pelfrey worked quickly and efficiently last night. He mixed his pitches well and worked both sides of the plate. The movement on his pitches was excellent, just the way it was at the beginning of the season.

I said going into the season Pelfrey might be the key Met, and it should be that way again next season. This guy is on the cusp of being right there and there will be more pressure than ever in 2011 because we don’t know what, if anything, the Mets will get from Johan Santana.

8 thoughts on “Encouraged by Pelfrey

  1. it seems that pelf has the best stuff. unfortunately he can’t control it. hopefully watching what johan does rubs off, but it has been a few years now and it hasn’t.

  2. I think its also the catcher. Thole is much better for him.
    also if you noticed he went to sticking his tongue out a bit. That was his concentration.

  3. john

    you are right of course. but it has been a few years and i had hoped that he had figured it out by now.

  4. dave (4): Me too. Of course, as the Mets frequently do, they rushed him at the start of his career. He might have been better off spending more time in the minors.-JD