New Chat Room; Pelfrey goes tonight.

Game #147 vs. PIrates

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The Mets have more than a few pitching questions heading into next year, and Mike Pelfrey is one of them. After a brilliant start, Pelfrey hit the skids in July, seemed to right himself, then was hit hard again. He’s coming off a good start and the Mets want him to finish on a roll to give him the confidence heading into the offseason.

With Johan Santana injured, unless the Mets make a stunning move in the offseason, Pelfrey will go to spring training as the No. 1 starter.

The Mets will be seeking their first four-game sweep of a team tonight at home against Pittsburgh.

7 thoughts on “New Chat Room; Pelfrey goes tonight.

  1. Pelf through a very good game. Even with Warthen going out and relievers distracting Pelf.
    I dont know what he does , but sometimes it does more harm than good.
    Pagan was phenomenal in Center. The Bats woke up too.
    I think Pelf had enough to stay in the 8th. But that isnt the name of the game anymore.

  2. yes.

    saw a post mortem of the game. i heard pelf say that he had gotten away from his fastball and that he needs to get beat with his best pitch.

    he claimed it was only one bad month. it seems a lot longer.

  3. (3) It was for about 5 to 6 starts when the Mets needed him the most to perform. While it’s nice to see him finish fairly strong…i mean there is a chance for 17 wins and a 3.5 ERA….I can’t overlook that he spit the bit for that month plus. Also, save for Pagan’s great catch, Pelf could have easily given up 4 to 6 runs to the worst road team in the National League.

  4. 4.) to be fair. many pitchers have spit the bit.
    Pedro, el duque, glavine and of course ollie.
    Pelf is a cy young award winner next to Ollie.

    so lets be fair to Pelf. he was forced up early. untrained, retrained. untrained again..
    they totally messed this kid up. and yet. he pitched fricken well enough to win games if the bats did their job.

    you can say that for every pitcher who had problems. except Ollie.

    thats my 3 cents

  5. taki not so much. I like him long relief or closing.

    Dickey -> Pelf->Niese
    I feel dickey is a solid number 2 man.
    Pelf can be a solid number 3

    with that said. I dont think we have a number one.