The value of Beltran …..

BELTRAN; Hoping for big things in his walk year.

Carlos Beltran will make $18.5 million next season, a contract, that couple with back-to-back injury seasons, will make him impossible to deal. The Mets could try packaging him, but would undoubtedly be stuck with paying a high percentage of the remaining contract.

In addition, considering Beltran’s injury history it is unlikely he’ll command in return the talent that would equal his history when healthy.

The Mets will have a lot of money in contracts earmarked for 2011, but Beltran’s has the greatest chance of bringing a positive return.

He’s not moving well, and right field does remain a topic to be discussed, but the Mets’ real hope in getting something from Beltran is for him continue rehabbing his knees and coming back strong next season. The motivation of Beltran in his walk year could be the best thing for the Mets.

10 thoughts on “The value of Beltran …..

  1. I was under the impression that Beltran has a no trade clause. If this is so, it may cost us even more to get rid of him. Maybe it would be best to just bite the bullet and finish out his contract, rather than trade him like we did Mel Rojas for Bobby Bonilla in 1999. The Mets will be paying for that “get rid of him at all costs” move for the next 20 years.

  2. What is wrong with Beltran?

    He has been injured. He has always been injured every year. He is that kind of player. He is also quiet. He does not bring attention to himself.

    He is not that limelight loving attention getting player the beat writers love. However, when on the field he produces. He does not complain and he plays hurt.

    He is coming off a major injury and seems to be getting better. He probably will not be the best in class OF he was. However, I expect him to be a productive player. Perhaps he won’t earn his 18 mil next year, but really, that is the norm for this team. Is it not?

  3. John.

    Time for a new poll.

    How about voting on how many wins we will end up with?


    Best pitcher?

    Best fielder?

    Best hitter?


  4. Our team is 71-73.

    If they split the remainder they win 80 games.

    That puts them below what I had hoped they would win. I was looking at 83-85 wins.

    That would have been 13-15 games above last year. If the split that puts them 10 games above last years dismal season.

    I can see it now. We are an 80 win team. We spent 20 mil on someone who did not play well. If Bay hits to average that will help us to 5-10 more wins. That makes us competitive without even trying!

    I gotta think of next years slogan.

    Something about competitive without trying.

  5. 7. didnt we pull that off in the 90’s? i remember we used to pull the wildcard out of our butts many seasons.

  6. (9)LOL..We were usually only two to three games out of the Wild Card. 1999 was that miracle. If I recall correctly, the Mets had to sweep the Pirates the last weekend and the Reds had to lose two of three to the Brewers I think. Those two things happenened and that lead to the play in game against the Reds.