Next year’s staff ….

The Mets began the season with questions concerning all five starters in their rotation. Despite a productive season with Johan Santana’s shoulder injury they will end it the same way. There are reasons to be optimistic, such as the emergence of Jon Niese, R. A. Dickey and progress made by Mike Pelfrey.

SANTANA: Can't depend on his return.

Those are also the same reasons to be cautious.

1) JOHAN SANTANA: There are all kinds of projections on Santana’s recovery, all of the them pointless until he has the surgery. However, three surgeries in three years since signing with the Mets is a red flag. His velocity was already in decline before the injury, and by all accounts this is not an easy injury to come back from. The Mets must assume Santana’s best days are behind him and have to shop for a front end starter. It would be nice to expect a full recovery, but the Mets have long since lived on Fantasy Island when it comes to injuries.

2) MIKE PELFREY: There was significant glimpses for reason to be optimistic, but also enough to be concerned. Pelfrey is barely a .500 career pitcher, and there were times this summer when he was horrible. His last start was something to build on, but haven’t we said that a lot about Pelfrey. Pelfrey has been good roughly half the time this season. He needs to up that to 75 to 80 percent. Right now he’s a No. 2 to an ace, maybe a No. 3, but I’d be wary entering the season with him as the No. 1.

3) R.A. DICKEY: His performance warrants going into spring training with a spot in the rotation. However, look how long it took for him to have a breakthrough season. How can we adequately predict for the man with the unpredictable pitch? The Mets can’t look at this year and say he will repeat. And, if he does duplicate this year, that’s only 10 wins so far, good for a No. 4 or No. 5. He’s been good, but he’s not an anchor.

4) JON NIESE: He developed this year, but it is only one season. Who is to say he won’t have a setback or growing pains like Pelfrey? I’m glad the Mets held on to him and there’s a bright promise ahead, but there were enough glitches to indicate he’s got much more to learn.

5) DILLON GEE: He was stellar in his debut, but there wasn’t Triple-A domination to project he’ll immediately step in to produce. He’ll get another look-see tonight, but we really don’t know enough about him.

6) HISANORI TAKAHASHI: We don’t even know if he’ll be around next year. The Mets like him in the bullpen but he wants to start. He’s also a free agent. The Mets are probably right about his role in that he was vulnerable the second time through the batting order.

7) PAT MISCH: Has had some good moments, but also a few times when he’s been roughed up. Right now, he’s no better than to compete for a No. 5 spot. Don’t forget, there’s a reason why he’s spent so much time in the organization.

8) OLIVER PEREZ: He’s on the team; he’s got to be mentioned. The Mets want him gone but won’t eat his contract. Until there’s a resolution to the stalemate, there’s the possibility of playing with a man short again next year. With Santana gone and the Mets monitoring the innings count for Niese, he should get a start or two, if for no other reason than informational purposes. He’ll pitch in Mexico during the winter, but will he find it there? Doubtful.

9) JOHN MAINE: Almost forgot about him. The Mets may not even tender him, but if they do what can they reasonably expect? He’s still damaged goods and it is anybody’s guess what he’ll be, or even if he’ll pitch again.

8 thoughts on “Next year’s staff ….

  1. Dickey is the man! they need him to throw the other teams off. number 3 spot! 😉

    I always had a special place for Maine and Pelf. I think warthen ruined them.

    Look whenever warthen visits the mound the pitcher loses it.

    Perez was always a lost cause, if you ignore Sandy Koufax then you should just be fired. Let alone doc/ronnie etc etc etc.

    At Taki’s age, with his stuff, he can make tons of cash in todays baseball as the closer.

    I hope they dont ruin Niese and Misch the way they did Pelf and main.

    Santana is a professional always was.. regardless of damaged goods. he went out to play.

    Like i said earlier:

    We need to rebuild. we wont like it. but it has to happen. and i dont want to see MAZZ as the coach. I never liked him, even before he hit on my sister and refused to autograph my glove buti’ll never forget either..
    Let’s hear it for Backman.

  2. johan is a concern. this is the wildcard. what to do in the offseason? can they get lee?

    pelf is a 500 pitcher. until he proves otherwise.

    dickey and niese are now the heart of the rotation.

    taki is a great long man and perhaps a serviceable closer. will he be back?

    gee needs to prove he belongs.

    with that said. ollie is the ace. isnt that why we signed him? seriously. they need to cut him.

  3. Johan is the biggest concern here, if not for that, the Mets would be going into this off season looking for a solid #3 guy that could eat innings and give them something to depend on in the middle of the rotation with Pelfrey and Niese your 2/4 respectively and Dickey your #5 (along with a few other near ST adds for the fifth spot.

    However, Johan throws a completely different wrench into it as we really need a higher end pitcher, but lets face it do we really want the Mets to sync Yankee type money into Lee and god forbid he gets the kind of years he may expect (5-7)? I mean one thing Johan’s contract points out is the risk on these type of deals, heck see a contract like Beckett too. Lee will get his 6/7 year deal and probably 18 mil plus this off season, is that something we want to jump into?

    Not really sure where we end up here, Pelfrey and Niese are certainly nice pieces to build a rotation around, and if we can count on a good performance from Santana we would certainly have a rotation to build upon, but without that piece we are a long ways away.

  4. james

    at this point i do not trust big pelf.

    he has not given one good year yet.

    niese however has been consistently good all year. i would like him to have a similar year next year before i will rely on him, but i trust him more than pelf.

  5. yeah, but he started out really well and then imploded.

    it isnt the fault of the offense that he can give up 5 runs in an inning.

  6. Listen even tom terrific can blow up. Leiter did. several times. and he was Bobby V’s golden boy. Pelf is just getting his feet wet considering how he was brought in, he;s done well.