New Chat Room; Warthen edition.

Game #144 vs. Pirates

Mike Pelfrey, who turned his back to Jerry Manuel Saturday in a show of disrespect, has endorsed pitching coach Dan Warthen’s return next season. So too, has R.A. Dickey. It’s a nice gesture, but it is uncertain as to the weight it will carry.

Assuming Manuel is gone and a veteran manager is named to replace him, he would want to name his own pitching coach and staff. That the Mets’ have shown significant improvement – you can chalk that up to not having John Maine and Oliver Perez- is a positive reflection on Warthen to where he merits an interview.

However, Warthen’s best chance would be if the Mets hired young and inexperienced, say Wally Backman, who might have a staff assigned for him.

Either way, the rate of progress from 2009 to 2010 has been significant and he deserves an interview at least.

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4 thoughts on “New Chat Room; Warthen edition.

  1. For 2 last place teams. It took the younger players to win it.

    Wow and even struggling tejada is starting to shine. No matter what us old farts say about getting a veteran. the future for this club has to be the younger guys as long as they are brought up and have the proper coaching and nurturing. A good manager lets the veterans play. a great manager nurtures the younger guys. He DOESNT “PROTECT” but nurtures, sometimes that means tough love. Ok you have been with us for 4 months. sink or swim go out there. what you do wrong we fix by the next week.

    Ronnie talks about when he was getting pummeled and davy comes out and ronnie thinks he’s being pulled and Davy says nope. just came out to say. wake up you are in it for the long hall. now throw hard.. and walks away.
    Same should be for the fielders.. struggling with the bat. take BP. having a problem with fundies. do more drilling..

    The Vets and coaches should be helping with the younger guys. the problem is the Vets we have dont know to do that. As much as I like beltran’s work ethic, I dont think he is the nurturing kind. but who knows what happens in the clubhouse.

    well thats my 3 cents

  2. yeah.

    i see this years pitchers having more variety.

    however, i also see pelf fall off a cliff and not having it corrected.