New Chat Room; time for second guessing.

What was written then is coming to pass, the back end of Johan Santana’s contract appears to be choking the Mets. It was widely written, by me and others, that six years is too long a deal for a pitcher who had already accumulated a lot of innings.

Santana’s velocity has been in decline, and now he faces shoulder surgery that ESPN is reporting could keep him out for up to two years. This is a tough surgery with a long and arduous rehab program. It won’t be easy for Santana and there are no guarantees on the back end.

That said, the Mets will likely come to regret the $77 million balance on the contract, but they knew going in that was a strong possibility for the final two years, OK, now it could be three.

The Mets overpaid because both the Red Sox and Yankees backed out, but the circumstances of the times must be realized. The Mets, having lost in 2006 and collapsed in 2007, were in dire need of starting pitching.

The Mets needed an ace and Santana came back to them, and Santana has pitched like the ace he was portrayed to be.

Where the Mets failed or miscalculated is not in signing Santana, but not giving him the adequate run support. Had Santana pitched for the Yankees instead of the Mets, with their superior run support and Mariano Rivera, he might have won a Cy Young or won 20 games.

Santana has more than carried his share of the load since coming here. Injuries are always a risk, but he has more than lived up to his end of the bargain.

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4 thoughts on “New Chat Room; time for second guessing.

  1. yeah.

    with a better team behind him he probably could have won the cy young. however, he has never publicly given up and thrown the team or his teammates under the bus.

    after his first year he came out hard from the first game only to be injured by midseason.

    i am less concerned by his contract than the team being stupid and having non of the pressures listed above when signing ollie to his contract or luis for that matter. neither are top caliber players.

    or how about cora? i nice role player, but one signed too early and for too much.

  2. yeah. he is.

    i only wish more players on this team would have his focus and drive.

    in fact none do. perhaps taki, but he is a role player.

    they need to get better quality players. not necessarily talent, but drive.