Santana to have shoulder surgery; out until spring.

Johan Santana’s season is over with word today he’ll undergo shoulder surgery. The Mets said Santana should begin throwing next spring, not spring training.

Obviously, this places another premium on the Mets obtaining a pitcher in the offseason.

3 thoughts on “Santana to have shoulder surgery; out until spring.

  1. Seriously, who cares if Beltran, Castillo and Perez skipped the team’s Walter Reed visit?
    I would’ve gone, but from what I understand, this was an optional visit.
    What part of optional don’t the Wilpons understand?

  2. Also, last time I checked, Walter Reed is for U.S. soldiers. Castillo is from the Domincan Republic and Perez is from Mexico. Neither of those two countries have soldiers in Walter Reed.