New Chat Room; Should’ve meant something.

Greetings. It’s September and there’s a fall nip in the air that forewarns of a pennant race. The Philadelphis Phillies are in for a three-game series and this was supposed to be a special weekend. Instead, we have the Mets, a sliding team on the field and a fractured, disjointed team off it waiting for the season to end.

There’s a sadness with the end of the baseball team as it represents the end of summer, the briskness of fall that leads us into the unrelenting winter. Emotionally. the end of season represents the death of a dream of a promise for so much more.

To access the New Chat Room, click on to the Mets Chat icon to your left and sign in.

Best, John

2 thoughts on “New Chat Room; Should’ve meant something.

  1. why would this year be any different than the past few years? this is the same script year after year.

    in past years they were technically better off this time, but you could see they would never make it to the post season.

    oh year. and santana is having surgery for the 3rd time in a row.