New Chat Room; Hoping Dickey closes strong.

Game #140 at Nationals

There was some glitch with the new system last night. What? I’m not sure, but it has been reported. I was able to make an initial comment prior to the game, but later I was unable to either respond or initiate  a comment.

Sorry. And, it was a good game worth talking about. Dillon Gee was good, definitely worthy of another look. A few more like this and he might go into spring training as a fifth starter candidate.

Today, we have R.A. Dickey in the matinee start. Dickey has been off lately, but not enough to where it should impact him having a role in spring training. I know people are waiting for the other shoe to fall with Dickey, and I hope this is just a blip on the radar.

We’re still working on the new chat room. If you have any feedback on it, that would be welcomed.

To access the new chat room, please click onto the Mets Chat Room icon to the left of this post. It will bring you to another page. At the bottom on the right is where you can click on to register. If you can use your same screen names that would be great. If not, do the best you can.

Take care.


4 thoughts on “New Chat Room; Hoping Dickey closes strong.

  1. john

    i have repeated problems with the new chat room.

    what i have found is it wont let me log in to chat.

    what i do is find the roo icon on the bottom of the screen and click there.

    it takes me to a screen where it remembered my pw i hit login and i am in.

    hope this helps.

  2. also there is an annoying timeout.

    if you dont do anything for a few minutes it kicks you out.

    also last night it spontaneously kicked me out as i was typing.

    it needs work.

    the site is cool because there are new voices that actually want to discuss the game.