Mejia to get start

The Mets announced this afternoon Jenrry Mejia will start Saturday’s game at Chicago. Not a surprise.

I hope the Mets give Mejia a lot of rope to see what he is capable of doing. Remember he spent a lot of the season in the bullpen, so his innings aren’t what they could be had he been in a rotation all year. Even so, I’m sure they will watch his pitch count.

By rope, I mean let him work his way out of jams and if he gets mauled early, let ‘s see how he reacts. I don’t want to hear how getting rocked will shake his confidence, because if he’s as good as the Mets think he’ll learn from it.

This is obviously the right thing to do, as the Mets finally have realized his future is as a starter. Five starts won’t be enough for him to develop another pitch, but it is a start. Even after five starts he might need more time in Triple A to develop, but that’s all right.

I thought they pushed the envelope with him in the first half of the season with how they handled him in the bullpen. There were glimpses where you could tell what all the fuss is about, and there were other times when you knew he wasn’t ready.

The season is lost, so it’s time to plan ahead. For every fifth day at least, when Mejia pitches, there will be meaningful games in September. Let him take his lumps and learn from it. Both he and the Mets will be better off.

4 thoughts on “Mejia to get start

  1. I am not sure if this is the right time for this endeavor. It could ruin him or get him in bad habits. He’s how old? 20.
    he should be taking his lumps in the minors.. especially after being in the pen for a bit. its different as a starter.. and M&M have already ruined maine and a few others..
    well like you said its a lost season anyway. lets see if this makes or breaks the kid.

  2. SteveC (1): The minor league season ends in September, so this is valuable pitching time for him. They’ll ruin him if they yank him around. Just let him pitch and see what is there. I don’t think five starts could break him as much as they will give him something to build off of.-JD

  3. yeah i just dont want to see another maine or pelf where they looked good but another year in minors would have helped.

  4. i think it is a good move.

    mejia has a lot of confidence and showed earlier that he can handle mlb hitting.

    of course he has a LOT to learn.

    He was recently tearing it up in AA so they did not seem a match for him.

    Regardless of hos he does in a month he needs to spend all next year in the minors. no more put him in the pen nonsense.

    he needs work as a starter not a reliever.