Why should we care?

The Mets said they understood the importance of this series in Atlanta and the need to sweep to have any chance of making September relevant. The Mets said they were ready. Can you imagine what would have happened had they not have been?

Last night’s dismantling at the hands of the Braves was disheartening not in that they loss, but in the manner in which they were beaten. They didn’t just mail in the game, they used Federal Express. There was a listlessness about them that I hadn’t seen much this summer. We hear how the Mets have their shortcomings, but that they always hustle and play hard.

I didn’t see that last night. I saw a flat team. A team that gave away countless at-bats. A team that in front of its owner, laid down. The Mets played like a team knowing its season is over and will have a new manager next year.

The Mets played without emotion, without passion to the point where it begs the question: If they don’t care why should we?

5 thoughts on “Why should we care?

  1. dave (1): I think what happened is reality set in. In time the players realized the team wasn’t going anywhere, the organization wasn’t winning and Manuel was a lame duck. Once that was realized, the effort started drying up.-JD

  2. i wonder if they will let jerry run out the season if they are not playing for him anymore.

  3. Is this the last night as a Met for Jeff Franceour or Pedro Feliciano as the waiver wire looms large? Any others?

    The players change but the attitude stays the same. Why? Ownership.

  4. I stopped caring about Jerry and several other players. I will always care about “The” Mets. not Los Mets but THE METS
    this is another thing that needs to change.. this pandering.. It was THE METS for 40 odd years.

    Maybe if they Got a manager that stood up and said we are The mets.. we are The metsies.. Now play hard and play to win. or you don’t get paid.. we would have the teams of old. because getting beat when you play hard is a great game.. watching a team play with Fire.. Listen when we lost it was always an exciting game, you didnt know really if they would win or lose. certain eras it was lose. but they PLAYED!

    The last several years it stopped being exciting.. they stopped playing….they joke and have a grand time on the bases with their team mates. i mean the opposing team..

    I will never Boo. i may moan and groan but i wont. boo..

    We need a change we need a REAL BIG CHANGE>>>