Reyes still ailing ….

Once again Jose Reyes’ right oblique is hurting, with word he probably won’t be available until Thursday or Friday. Tough news considering the Mets need a sweep of their four-game series against Atlanta to retain even the remotest hopes.

It would be an unforgettable miracle if this team went on a run and reached the playoffs. But, this is a purely forgettable team without a hint of playing much better than they have for the past two months.

8 thoughts on “Reyes still ailing ….

  1. The Mets have been the come from behind team for many many years. But this team seems to be the reverse. they dominate then fizzle.
    I will still watch and I will till hope.

    Maybe something will click.

  2. 32 games.

    it used to be they needed to win 2 of 3. now it is sweep each series?

    it would be great if they make the post season. unfortunately that would validate Omar and Jerry.

    Can you imagine that?

    We got hot and lucky in 06 and that validated Omar and Willy. That did not last.

    This team needs a new direction. I hope they win because it would be good for the team and good for me because, well I am a Met fan.

    But I really don’t want a miracle finish to validate the jobs these two idiots do.

  3. (2) Dave: How do you figure the Mets got hot and lucky in 2006? They dominated the NL East from start to finish. Actually they were UNlucky in 2006. Losing Sanchez, Pedro, and Duque in the playoffs. It’s a miracle they made it as far as they did with that staff. Or did you forget that Ollie went in Game 7?

  4. Because like this year and the recent past their pitching was a mess.

    They had a dominant pen, but there was a time for a month or so where they cycled starters in cause they had none. It seemed they picked guys up from the local hash place where you get breakfast to pitch for a day. Bannister emerged as a decent pitcher, I think Traschel had a 6 era but had like 15 wins. Ollie was acquired in midseason trade and did quite well for that short period of time.

    Our top two pitchers were Pedro and Glavine. I think Pedro got hurt.

    So yeah, I think they got lucky. The offense absolutely dominated the other teams but it seemed to me that they were lucky.

    They could have been blown our in midseason because their pitching was terrible, but the hitting and just luck that they found pitchers to do a passable job to keep us in it.

    I mean really, Traschel kept throwing his junk out there and they kept winning for him.

  5. The Mets are a team that needs a firey manager. End of story. They also need the fight fight fight attitude.
    too much buddy buddy lovey dovey with the opposite team between pitches.

  6. I ain’t watchin’. I’m playing this series as Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and the Who would, if they’d seen Mets-Braves every year (except 2006) and had some hope of the Mets doing well — I won’t get fooled again! :)