Tonight I’d like to introduce to you an expanded Mets Chat Room. I’ve linked up with Metsmerizedonline.com to bring you to the ground floor regarding chat rooms.

In addition to being hooked up to another successful Mets blog, we will be linked to other blogs from around baseball. There will be a Braves blog linked for tonight.

To access, please click onto the Mets Chat Room icon to the left of this post. It will bring you to another page. At the bottom on the right is where you can click on to register. Please use your same screen names that you normally would.

This is an experiment. It is a work in progress. I am greatly optimistic about the future of this type of chat room.

Thanks for your participation.


  1. before i left i wanted to join you guys.

    of course it doesnt like my handle and the warning is to choose my id carefully. so i will not be able to join you tonight, because i will probably have to fight to get a handle for this thing and do not have the time.

    have fun guys.