Mets Chat Room; Will it ever get better?

Game #130 vs. Astros

I try to look for positives because being negative all the time can be draining. But, right now the positives, at least offensively, are scarce.

This team just doesn’t score any runs, and the odd thing is people are talking about blowing up this group and trading David Wright and Jose Reyes, the Mets’ two best, although inconsistent, offensive players. Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

One of the season’s bright spots, R.A. Dickey, goes today against Houston. Dickey has been splendid all season and has pitched better than his 8-5 record indicates. He’s pitched deep into games, but has given up two late-inning homers in his last two starts to deprive him of victories. Otherwise, he’d have ten wins. He’d have even more than that with a little run supprt.

We’ve known for awhile now that the playoffs weren’t going to happen, but you’d like to see some form of growth, something to build on. But, right now there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of it.

After today, there are 32 games left. Ouch, where did the season go?

10 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Will it ever get better?

  1. BOTTOM FIRST INNING: Reyes is still experiencing pain when he swings. He’ll still be out for a few more days. No sense, or urgency, to bring him back. All he can do is injury himself further.-JD

  2. SECOND INNING: Four ground ball outs in the first two innings by Dickey. I would hope the Mets don’t fool around with him and just bring him back right away for next year. He deserves to go to spring training with a spot in the rotation.-JD

  3. BOTTOM SECOND INNING: That was just the third time since the All-Star break that the Mets have scored as many as four runs in an inning.-JD

  4. BOTTOM SIXTH INNING: Dickey cruising along. Another solid start. Another few runs would be nice, but they already have four. Can’t be greedy.-JD

  5. Another fine job by Dickey. The starting pitching continues to be superb, but with Atlanta struggling, the Mets failed to capitalize and pick up ground. They are 11-11 over their past 22 games, and that’s all on the offense. The Mets are a .500 team with 32 games remaining. Their pitching has been good enough to make a run, but you can’t count on their offense. And, the hill is just too steep-JD

  6. John

    I agree. They should resign Dickey and declare that he is part of the rotation for next year.

    He has done very well for us. He is very consistent for a knuckleballer.

    Also at the start of the season i said the team would do well to be a 500 team.

    That is what they are principally because the starting pitching is way, way better than they should have been this year.

    Addition by subtraction. Ollie and Johnny are gone and we are better for it.

    Hopefully they figure out how to permanently get rid of Ollie before the 2011 season.

  7. So the big news for next spring training will be..


    “Jury selection for the Clemens trial is set to begin on April 5.”

  8. trial for what?. he lied. go to jail. do not pass go. do not get any more contracts.