Will you watch down the stretch?

Well, last night wasn’t one of Jon Niese’s better games, the offense sputtered again and Jose Reyes reinjured himself. Anybody out there surprised by that?

Of course not.

The August 31 waiver deal deadline is fast approaching and it will be interesting to see who, or if, the Mets will unload somebody. Since they don’t want him, you know they’ll be shopping Carlos Beltran. I like Beltran, but believe his better days are behind him.

Maybe he’ll show enough in September to elicit a trade or at least give the Mets hope they’ll have a viable player next season. Outside of that there are few reasons to watch anymore.

What are your feelings about September? Will you watch because the Mets are your team and you love them win or lose? Or, have you given up on them and counting the day until spring training?

But, for those who watch, there’s a reason? What will compel you to continue watching this disappointing season?

4 thoughts on “Will you watch down the stretch?

  1. The only thing that would compel me to watch would be if they brought up the kids.

    reese havens
    that pitcher in st lucie that has had a good month.

    i would not watch to see castillo or anyone else for that matter.

    they can start taking santana out after the 6th. pelfrey needs to pitch to learn how to stay in the game.

    it is pre-spring training.

    if beltran is injured he should be given regular time off so his knee heals.

    this team was done at the all star break.

    same as last year.

    this team is a tape on replay.

    if there are no major changes – like a new gm – next year will be more of the same and the wilpons can expect less revenue than this year.

  2. I may not watch all the games. BUT I will watch. I was born Dodger Blue and giant orange, regardless of all the extraneous other colors they use now.

    I may even allow myself to be pulled away from a game i am watching. why? I watch the players and listen to the commentary more than anything. its what my dad taught me to do.

    I have watched through good times and bad. so why change..

  3. I’ll watch because I need something to tide me over until Islanders hockey season starts October 9th.

    Goodness gracious, Mets in summer, Islanders in winter. I am reminded of the father quoted in Jimmy Breslin’s “Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game” who made his kids watch the 1962 Mets so they understood what the depression was like.