Some Chat Room news ….

I have enjoyed doing the Chat Room with you guys. It means a lot to me that you’re still with me. I’m the only Mets blogger that continually watches and comments the game with his readers.

The Chat Room has caught the attention of others to where I will expand it, beginning with Monday’s game with the Braves. I didn’t want to do it over the weekend when the viewing is down to begin with.

I have linked up with the Metsmerizedonline.web and their readers will joining us. Part of this agreement also includes being linked up with other team’s websites. It’s a new process, but we’re on the ground floor and I’m optimistic it will bring more readers to the blog.

I will still be in the room to converse with you so that won’t change as I would never sacrifice my readers. I believe this is something that will help the blog and I’m optimistic for your continued support.

I’ll have more details later.


10 thoughts on “Some Chat Room news ….

  1. i just went to their website and have several comments

    1. the favorite band seems to be zeppelin.
    2. you are not linked
    3. anny savoy is on the staff. i assume this is the same annie as here?
    4. pop tarts is not a food.

  2. john

    are u saying when we play the braves we will be linked to atl’s website?

    so we can trash the braves to their face?

    when we play the yanks we can talk about aroid?

    • Hi Dave,

      Joe from MMO here. I thought I’d jump in and answer your questions.

      1. Of course we love Led Zeppelin, doesn’t everyone?

      2. The chat is accessed by clicking on the chat banner on either site. Users can register and reserve their nicknames.

      3. Yes, that’s the same Annie. Me and Annie became friends about three years ago when we both frequently chatted on John’s game chats when he was with Lohud.

      4. We will be bringing fans from both teams to each game chat. It will be the ultimate game chat experience. Currently it will be Mets only as we will be kicking it off, but in the next few weeks we’ll have more rival sites on board.

      5. You better trash Braves fans and A-Roid too!

      Hope that helped.

  3. I work with a braves fan. let me tell you.. the crap he gives me and me back to him. 😉