Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey to continue rebound.

Games #128-129

At one time this season Mike Pelfrey was 9-1 and headed for the All-Star Game in a breakthrough season.

Then July came to derail his year and leave us wondering whether the first half was a fluke, a mirage and whether the good times were over and he had regressed as he went 3-6.

True growth comes from adversity and it looks as if July might become a watershed moment for him as he fought his way out of a tailspin to pitch great ball with a 1.64 ERA over his last three starts.

He’ll continue the rebound tonight against the Houston Astros at Citi Field.

I thought Pelfrey had pitched too good for too long in the first half to lose it completely, but I was concerned. Was it an injury? A loss in mechanics and subsequent loss in confidence?

Whatever it was, Pelfrey is once again pitching aggressively and quickly. That aura about him has returned.

If it comes back to say, it will be one of the highlights of this season.

NOTE: I have programmed the chat room to open around game time. I am currently getting ready to go to New Jersey for a wedding. No, not mine. I won’t be able to monitor t0night or tomorrow, but should be back in time for Sunday’s game.

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8 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Pelfrey to continue rebound.

  1. hasnt pelf had enough time to grow?

    a couple of years ago he got killed. he got better the second half and we thought he had grown.

    every year there is something with him where he loses it.

    i am getting tired of him losing it. he needs to understand what makes him successful and just do it.

  2. Mets lose 4-1 Saturday night as Johann gives up two runs in the first and the Mets don’t get any off Brett Myers in 7. When did he become this good? Never had an ERA under 4.00 in Philadelphia and is now under 3.00 in Houston.