What to do with Martinez?

Another year, another injury to Fernando Martinez.

Martinez is on the minor league disabled list again, this time with an injury to his right leg, which could prevent him from returning to the major leagues when the rosters expand Sept. 1.

With these constant injuries, Martinez has failed to distinguish himself on a consistent enough basis to warrant full-time. Consequently, his trade value is slowly diminishing. And, with the outfield full for next year – Angel Pagan, Carlos Beltran and Jason Bay – the Mets will likely do what they’ve usually done with young prospects and that’s to keep him in the minor leagues to get consistent at-bars.

The Mets need to think long and hard about Martinez, the progress he’s made and his injury history ¬†and wonder if it’s worth it hold on to him for another year until Beltran’s contract expires or see what they an get for him now.

The Mets are getting diminishing returns from Martinez, and there will come a time that if he hasn’t made it he will have little or no trade value.

6 thoughts on “What to do with Martinez?

  1. My problem with this theory is I think you would already be trading him for some heavily reduced trade value. I think you have to give him next year to see if he can last a year without an injury because right now I doubt there are a whole lot of clubs looking to add this guy to their roster and see if he can do anything.

  2. i would hold onto him

    what would you get in a trade? as you admit – not much.

    look at this years hero, pagan.

    how old is he? fmart has talent. how much i am not sure. he needs playing time and injury free time. he needs to see the guy who fixed jose. i say keep him. as you say the OF is full. perhaps sometime next year nuiwenhuis will be ready.

    he has a decent glove and can hit doubles. a good guy for replacement or 4th OF.

  3. Soon he will be a minor league FA. He isnt even alex escobar. no choice but to keep him in the minors and hope for a change but it aint looking too good. When healthy he hasnt produced much either.

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