Mets Chat Room; gotta get Reyes moving.

If the Mets are to go on this miracle run, they’ll need to get Jose Reyes again, beginning tonight with Florida. The Mets are at their best when he gets on and makes things happen.

Game #127 vs. Marlins

He’s cooled off since his 15-for-31 road trip Houston and Pittsburgh, going 0-for-10 in the first two games of the Marlins’ series.

He was 0-for-5 last night and grounded out with the bases loaded to end the game.

“I tried to get a base hit or walk, something to tie the game or win the game,’’ Reyes said. “He made a quality pitch on me and got me out. I saw it good, but I wasn’t able to put my best swing on that ball.’’

There’s been discussions about picking up Reyes’ option and negotiate an extension. There’s also been talks in the media if the best thing to do would be to trade him for a package of prospects.

Personally, I’d keep Reyes. You’re not going to find anybody that will produce like him.

NOTE: Folks I have to work tonight and won’t be able to monitor the board. I hope you’ll pop in with your comments.

13 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; gotta get Reyes moving.

  1. Keep Reyes.

    Try to figure out some logic as to whom Manuel plays at second each night.

  2. Reyes reinjured his oblique. I guess we will be seeing a lot more of tejada now. Mets are getting pounded. I would be against giving reyes a long extension at this point.

  3. Phils got swept 4 games at home by the stros. mets fumble away a golden opportunity to get into it but they blow it again. I give up. even tug mcgraw couldnt get a rise out of this crew.

  4. as john says i would keep jose. but he always had his issues. he used to be better than hanley, but no more.

    someone needs to get that king kong uppercut out of his mind.

  5. the season is over. if jose is out for an extended period they should just promote that guy turner to see what he has.

  6. the mets have yet to get on a roll. they did well when the pitchers came up and the kids came up for the vets in june.

    they dont have the fight. they play for the manager, but he sabotages his players at every turn.

    the season is done. there is no time to win enough games to get into the postseason and this is not the team to win anyway.

    next month when the minor league season is over and the roster expands i hope the team plays the kids to show them how much they have to improve. i hope mejia gets a chance to start so he can learn that his 95 mph fastball wont last more than 2 innings and that certain hitters will crush him if he doesnt have 2 other pitches.

  7. I read somewhere that Omar thinks they still have a chance. or at least thought before they lost 2 to marlins.

    I think we have seen the last of both M&M.

  8. they have an expensive stadium with lots of expensive seats and expensive food to sell for another month and a half.

    they have a team that costs them what 130 million?

    they will say they have a chance till the papers call them a liar and point out that if they win all the remaining games they will only win 75 games and that there are 10 other teams with better records than they.

    and i agree that at least jerry is done. omar needs to go too, but the owners may be thinking of the 2 mill they owe him.