Mets Chat Room; what’s to build on?

Game #126 vs. Marlins

Jerry Manuel still thinks this team can put a run together, and for the most will manage that way for the rest of the season. It is why Hisanori Takahashi is being looked at as a closer before Bobby Parnell. It is we’re not seeing Nick Evans or Chris Carter, but more of Jeff Francoeur.

At 63-62, the Mets are sure to eclipse last season’s 70-92, but the real goal is .500 or better. You see, Manuel has pride and it’s important to him to go out this year with a winning record. Not for the next job interview, because he’s already had two shots.

When a season is reduced to statistical goals, such as 30 homers for David Wright, 20 for Ike Davis and 15 wins for Mike Pelfrey it is about salvaging lost dreams and hopes.

And, that hot streak that has never come? If it does, maybe it will be a reminder of when the dreams were fresh.

45 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; what’s to build on?

  1. I like taki closing or 8th. I think its a good fit.

    Carter/Evans dont have frency’s arm. What I think needs to happen is wait till next year and see who replaces M&M..
    Because if that happens much will change. and we will have to hold our breath and say who’s on 1st, whats on second. .I dont know.. 3rd base.

  2. FIRST INNING: Three straight hits off Misch to start the game. A successful inning will be getting out of this with only two runs scored.-JD

  3. not bad by misch. bases loaded. got out of it with 1 run scored only. well done by defense

  4. marlins love lefties and why manuel is putting Misch through this type of fire is beyond me. With all the pampering he’s done.. now he puts em out there to the wolves?


  5. Misch is keeping the bleeding at a minimum considering what these guys appear to do to lefties.
    we need some small ball going.

  6. 123 for misch. let see if we can go through the batting order and put a hurt on marlins

  7. Mets comeback is in full swing. Now we bring the tying run to the plate in the battle for third place with those lying about their financial condition Marlins.

  8. Another one run loss. thats what makes it so hard. This team does not suck. It just always comes up just short.