Mets Chat Room; Dickey hopes to continue surprise season.

One of the few bright spots to another disappointing season goes tonight at Citi Field, where the crowd expects to be slim.

Game #125 vs. Marlins

R.A. Dickey (8-5, 2.41) will be starting for the Mets, but he’ll go against Cy Young candidate Josh Johnson, who is 7-1 lifetime against the Mets.

Also making it tough for Dickey is the Mets’ lackluster offense, which has scored three of fewer runs in 10 of its last 13 games. Once dominant at Citi Field, the Mets have 10 runs to show for in their last seven games here.

With a little support, Dickey could easily have at least 12 wins, which would tie him with Mike Pelfrey for the club lead. Since joining the Mets’ rotation, Dickey has made a quality start in 14 of 18 games. In his last eight starts since the All-Star break he’s pitched to a 1.99 ERA, but the offense is giving him 1.99 runs a game in that span to leave him with a 2-3 record.

In his last start, Dickey gave up a game-tying homer with one out in the ninth inning at Houston in a game the Mets eventually won in 14 innings.

Since Johnson presents a formidable foe, Dickey must be at his best tonight. He is 5-1 with a 1.22 ERA at Citi Field.

65 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Dickey hopes to continue surprise season.

  1. John (3 & 4) That is too bad… I really like Francoeur. Hate that it is likely he won’t be back next year.

  2. Webster (5): He’s still young and it’s early in his career so he has designs on starting. That’s not going to happen here with Beltran, Pagan and Bay.-JD

  3. John (6) Understand completely. Something has gotta give. Just sucks that it has to happen to such a good guy.

  4. John (8) He has one of the strongest arms from right field that I think I have seen in a long time. Wish he could have found some more hits somewhere. Did he only have a one year contract??

  5. Webster (10): His contract is over after this year. I doubt the Mets would bring him back. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was claimed on waivers before the end of the month.-JD

  6. John (11) If Francoeur is claimed off waivers, can’t help but wish him the best. Who do you think might be interested claiming him? Think we could through in Ollie to sweeten the deal??????

  7. Webster (12): Boston could use another outfielder now that Damon rejected that deal. … Sorry, no on Perez. Nobody wants that contract.-JD

  8. John (14) Geeeze!! I should have thought about that. I just read less than an hour ago that Damon turned down the opportunity to go back to Boston. Boston is certainly an interesting thought.

  9. John (15)……… I am reaching for my brown paper bag to put over my head. And to think that that just a few years ago, the Mets couldn’t be counted out of the ballgame until the final out.

  10. Webster (17): That come-from-behind spark has largely eluded them the past few years. They’ve had a couple, but we’ve seen far many more blown leads.-JD

  11. EIGHTH INNING: Parnell has a future with this team and with K-Rod’s future uncertain you would think he’d get a chance at the closer’s job. Manuel said no.-JD

  12. There is always next year……… I hate to admit, but I have given up on the Mets this year. The rudder was loose and feel off before spring training even started. Seems the Mets pretty much have the same problems again from last year, just with a few more spoiled brats to deal with.

  13. John (20) K who?? You mean the guy that blows saves? The one the Mets payed way to much for and sent Wagner packing??? Hope not to see his name on a Mets roster next year.

  14. Webster (21): I’m afraid I don’t see the Mets being very aggressive this offseason. They will again be saddled with heavy contracts by light weight performers: Perez and Castillo. Plus, there’s Beltran’s deal. They’d love to get rid of that one.-JD

  15. Ooops, I forgot about K-Rod’s contract. That’s another they’d like to dump. That’s about $50 million tied up in contracts they’d like to lose. … I would hate to see them go with a 24-man roster next year (Perez being shunned).-JD

  16. John (24) Too bad that contracts aren’t written with a minimum standards of performance clause of some sorts. Again, wishful thinking.

  17. john(23)

    just read this about the draft. they are at the bottom of the pack in spending on the draft. they do not have a strong farm system and we wonder why.

    and yet they overpay for marginal mlb talent. what kind of strategy is that?

    one more thought on this. where would this season be without the minor league talent.

    ike/ruben/dickey/all those minor leagu OF/

    we would be like last year fighting for last place in the nl.

  18. john

    i saw wright bat a few innings ago. i noticed he wasnt being pitched in. has the league gone away from that? if so why? they were doing so well making him relive the beaning.

  19. Webster (25): Baseball contracts, unlike those in the NFL and NBA are guaranteed. It’s usually the last few years that come back to bite teams in the butt.-JD

  20. webster(17)

    that was 4 years ago. the last year we played well.

    if you remember the stars were aligned. we got lucky in so many ways. in some manner i wish that year hadnt happened. then the team wouldnt be able to sell the fantasy that this year is like 06 all over again.

  21. dave (26): You’re right. The Mets have played their best when they had their young talent out there. Dickey isn’t young, but he did come up from Triple-A. They’ve gotten a lot of production from unexpected sources: Davis, Pagan, Dickey, Takahashi. Without those guys they’d be in last place.-JD

  22. john(28)

    unfortunately for the mets, it is often that the whole contract comes back and bites us in the butt.

    i can think of our #2 pitcher. one ollie perez. wasnt luis the same? he got his contract and just sucked.

  23. dave (27): Wright has looked a lot better lately at the plate. He’s moved up a little toward the plate. And, he seems to have lost the uppercut.-JD

  24. dave (29): You make an interesting point. Perhaps the Mets overestimated themselves after 2006. But, they did have a good year in 2007 before the collapse. Those two years, they didn’t do enough to sustain. They let the 2006 bullpen get away and didn’t do enough with their pitching staff outside of Santana. A critical mistake is they overestimated what they thought Maine and Perez could give them after 2007. Poor judgment.-JD

  25. Dave (29) John (34) And to think that Willie Randolph was at the helm at the time….. Ummmmmm….. Maybe he knew a little something about baseball??? Maybe upper management should have stayed out of the clubhouse!!!!!

  26. Webster (35): They didn’t give Randolph all he needed to win. They shorted him with the pitching staff and under minded him in the clubhouse.-JD

  27. John (36) My point exactly!!! Have to wonder if the Mets can now find a Buck Showalter. Someone that would be willing to step into the Mets Mess and build a ship.

  28. NINTH INNING: Just heard this stat. The Mets are 1-47 when trailing after seven. Just terrible. Says a lot about their impotent offense.-JD

  29. speaking of expiring contracts, Add Reyes to that list. There will be plenty of discussion about this over the next year.

  30. John (39) Agree. However, with the exception of the pitching in the overall, the Mets have some great talent. I just think a key component is finding a manager that can control ALL of the egos and get them playing like a team. (didn’t mean to slam all of the picthing staff…. Gosh knows there are a few pitchers that have left everything on the mound and didn’t get the support.)

  31. Ray (40) John (41) I can’t help but fear the Mets would do something really stupid like letting Reyes or Wright slip away. HOPEFULLY, that won’t happen.

  32. Webster (42): There is reason to be optimistic about the rotation, but they still need to add a starter. We saw how quickly things turned for Pelfrey. Will Niese continue to develop? Is Dickey the real deal or was this a flash season for him? Who will be the fifth starter? Then there’s the bullpen. A new manager will be needed, but this is still just a .500 team.-JD

  33. 43

    thanks for letting us know that as we release a player not performing for us he goes and does it for someone else

  34. John (50) Ya gotta give to Luis… He may have lost a step, but the guy knows how to play the game and he came up big tonight. I agree that his better playing days might be behind him, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings that he will likely be back next year.

  35. john(45)

    why do i think they will convince themselves that they need to wait for mejia and dont need to add a quality starter?

  36. Good night all…. Guess I can put my brown paper bag up for the night! Happy ending this time!

  37. dave (53): I hope they bring up Mejia when the rosters expand and give him five starts. It could help in his development. Even if Mejia does well I’d still bring in another starter.-JD

  38. webster(52)

    it does me. the team is better without him.

    pagan is better at the 2 slot – avg/hits/power/speed and luis cant field. he prolongs innings and kills the whole IF defense.

    oh yeah. he costs a lot and is one more excuse for the team not getting better.

    i am glad he got a hit and won a game for us. but we are better off without him.

  39. dave (59): How they handled Mejia wasted a year of his development. The last month could tell us a few things about him. He should get that chance.-JD

  40. I can fully appreciate the comments about Luis. Yes, I like Pagan in the #2 spot. I like Pagan in center for that matter! Certainly, it would be better for both the Mets and Luis if there is another team that needs him. But, if he is back, that’s okay too. I haven’t given up on him.

  41. john

    i agree on both counts.

    but they shouldnt fool themselves that he will be ready in the spring to be a starter. he needs more than a heater. he needs to learn how to pitch which the manager took away from him.

    yes. he proved that he has the talent to pitch to major league hitting and that helped. but as you say. he could have done that in the last month and pitched a whole year in the minors and just dominated.

  42. I enjoyed watching the game. It was well pitched and the bats actually showed up and had quality plate appearances.

  43. Webster(61)

    Luis has had one good season. Even then it featured a weak glove and singles in the IF only. Very good avg, lots of sacrifices, etc.

    He has a four year contract and was brought in to solidify the IF both on the field and at the plate. He was given a premium contract to do so.

    If he is back next year it weakens the team. The Defense will be less than it could be and even if he produces at the plate he will contribute to a high dollar team that underperforms.

    It is not his fault of course. He is only accepting a generous employment offer someone made to him. But he is symptomatic of what is wrong with the team. Ollie is another prime example of the lack of discipline and talent evaluation that is displayed by this organization.

    As evidenced by this last offseason we spend money unwisely. Cora is a useful player who can plug holes. He is not worth a 2 year contract which we almost guaranteed him.

    The daily decisions by the GM are horrible. I cannot wait for the season to be over. Hopefully management does the right thing and fires the head of the team and brings in a solid baseball person.

    I am not asking for an excellent one. Just a solid one who makes rational decisions and makes the routine plays.

    This means evaluate the team objectively to determine its weaknesses. Develop a plan to address the weaknesses. Scout talent to help build a talent base to support the major league club.

    Actually sign players that will strengthen the whole organization.

    This is what a General Manager does. This is what the current GM does not do.

  44. As for manager. LoudMouths have discussed Wally Backman being the man as well. and jokingly.. Torre by phone 😉