We’re not stupid.

I know it is too much to ask for, but I would like some direction from the Mets’ organization. I know they are under the misguided impression ¬†they have to put on a competitive face to sell tickets in September, but we all know that part of the season has been over since the West Coast trip after the All-Star break.

The Wilpons won’t fire Manuel and Minaya now – they probably will keep Omar because of his contract – because there’s no sense paying two people to do the same job.

But, I would like them to tell us what direction the team is heading. Is it rebuilding, which seems to be obvious or are they delusional like Manuel and think there’s still a season?

The public will come out and support this team next year if they are honest with us. But, if they keep leading us on is when we’ll turn on them and leave Citi Field empty.

They feat they can’t be open because they think they are in competition with the Yankees for the city, but they really aren’t. Yankees fans are Yankees fans and Mets fans are Mets fans. There might be some “baseball” fans who follow both teams, but each team generally has its own fan base.

The Yankees fan base has no doubt the direction of its team. The Mets should feel the the same. We’re not stupid. Tell us you’re rebuilding and be done with it.

We are willing to give the benefit of doubt if you’re honest with us.

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  1. The only time there was competition between the Mets and the yankees TRULY owning the city was between 1983->1988

    When every yankee fan jumped ship and went to the Mets. especially in ’85. Never has it been more obvious about the Yankee bandwagon.

    True Met fans live and breathe and always shout for next year. And we also shout when its time to strip and start fresh.

    It took almost a decade to strip us of phillips (at least it felt that way.) we need to rid ourselves of M&M and probably wilpon. Cry about lost favorite players. And hope the new rotation of players sparks. a new Mets era.

    We do Not have that Shining star of exemplary player(s) as we once did.

    We are not the Yankees and cannot just BUY players anymore. we need to build them.

    We need a GM and a manager with vision and passion. End of Story.

  2. The Rocket Has Crashed

    Yesterday afternoon was one of those days you don’t forget – usually it’s good news you remember, but the bad news often creeps up when you least expect it and therefore clings in memory.

    Roger Clemens – is there anyone in sports who doesn’t recognize that name? And how many little boys idolized him and his accomplishments?

    We last saw Roger – in public – addressing the Congress of the United States in February 2008. He had gone to D.C. earlier that week to visit with all the members of the committee where he would appear. This is not normal, or usual – in fact, he was told by the committee Chairman, don’t bother, just submit your statement. But no, Roger had to make his rounds and say his piece to them all in person after which the obligatory pictures were taken. He had to continue to be famous.

    In two weeks Roger will be arraigned and the process will proceed.

    Here is part of a column written today by Richard Griffin in the Toronto Star:

    “Thursday, Clemens was indicted for obstruction of Congress, making false statements and perjury. He has been accused of lying to Congress about using steroids. If found guilty, he will likely do some jail time.
    Why would he do it? Because his past is more important to him than his future. Because protecting his legacy as a future Hall-of-Famer was more important than playing a role in cleaning up the game and making it drug-free for the next generation of players — which included his own sons.

    Clemens was never comfortable being Roger Clemens. Legend has it that in Boston when he entered his favourite night spot, he insisted they play Elton John’s hit Rocket Man to signal his arrival. At the Jays annual golf tournament with heavy-paying sponsors in each foursome, Clemens would ask for his own golf cart and park away from the others talking on his cellphone as they waited to tee off. In the clubhouse, after a start, The Rocket would emerge from the trainer’s room with carefully rehearsed answers and when questions started to strain his playbook, he would just walk away and end it.

    It will be the best thing for baseball and the best thing for Clemens if he is convicted for his alleged transgressions under oath.He should do some jail time as well. It would show a younger generation of players and some of his veteran contemporaries that the Steroid Era had better be over or they too risk hard time and it may snap Clemens out of his two-decade long fantasy that he was a character, The Rocket and was above the laws of other mere mortals.

    Don’t cry for The Rocket, but feel sorry for Roger Clemens.”

    I doubt that many will cry for Roger Clemens – and the little boys I feel sorry for are his four sons, who will carry the shame of their father all their lives.

    I often wonder – in the search for fame and posterity how many athletes give a moment’s thought to what their quests do to their families? I hope that we only hear about the ones gone wrong, while the good Dads go home to their kids as often as they can.

    They are the real sports heros.

  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/2010/08/19/2010-08-19_jerry_manuel_calls_new_york_mets_offense_pathetic_after_32_loss_to_astros_and_se.html

    Reyes sys we are better than this. listen watch some highlights from real Mets playing. They Never joked with the other team as much as you guys. and when they swung bad.. or played bad. you saw them in the dugout not too happy with themselves. not laughing and joking.

    These guys need to get serious and play serious ball. the other team is the enemy .. if you are talking it should be as a distraction not as long time best buds.

    Keith talks about it all the time.. laugh joke with who? not me.. they need to play mean.

  4. In other news involving a fallen Mets nemesis, the Cincinnati Reds will be honoring the 25th anniversary of Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record. They can’t do it on September 11th, the date he did it, because Rose already has a commitment to appear at a casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. How appropriate Rose would be a casino greeter on that day! This is the man who on the day he was suspended for life appeared on a Home Shopping Network merchandise peddling show.

  5. annie

    no one cares.

    as discussed last year on this board. half the people would support their player regardless of cheating with roids or not. cheating is rampant in this society so no one cares that he cheated.

    aroid cheats and no one cares. pettite cheats and no one cares. it was brought up that piazza cheated and most here supported their own.

    i hope the rocket gets convicted and goes to jail. it might be a deterrent. but as long the union, the owners, the players, the press and the fans enable cheating nothing will happen.


  6. steve

    all players in all sports dont have that attitude anymore.

    players hug and kiss each other before games. free agency has taught them that todays opponent is tomorrows teammate.

    i feel like you. they need to be serious about their job. but they make a lot of money and so players that dont perform still play because they make a lot of money.

    see ollie. exhibit a.

  7. If you ever listen to keith or ronnie and they show highlights of the games they were in. they say all the time. its all business..
    i am not your friend on the field unless u r my teammate.

  8. John

    I wonder why the Wilpons shrank the new Shea. They get 20 mil a year to support the team. This is paying Bays salary for the next few years. They also have SNY. I am do not know what they pull in for that, but I am sure it is nice money.

    Like you I have no faith in ownership. They believe like many that NY will not put up with rebuilding. So every year they go out and get someone to keep the fans happy. It was Johan and then Ollie/Francisco and now Jason.

    Johan worked out, but did not overcome the massive flaws on the team. Ollie was a huge mistake that was justified by a fan base that mostly loved the move. As evidenced by this board, at least half the fans were behind the move because Ollie has such great potential. I think Bay was a good move if they were not going to go top line pitcher because we needed a power hitting OF. As you have repeatedly written this week, the offense has failed. No one expected Bay to have these issues at the plate. KRod of course has been a bust. In the past two years he has not been the 60 save pitcher that we paid for.

    Next year will be the same. Perhaps we will get the biggest name reliever available. Perhaps we will get some big name signing and the Mets will get excited.

    What we need to do is get a player who will help. More important is we need to get younger/hungrier. Tajeda or another minor league 2b needs to play over Luis. Nuwenhuis or someone needs to be ready to play in the OF. Thole needs to be truly ready to play C at the MLB level.

    We need another draft where we get a stud player in the first round and other early rounds and wait 4 years or so till they are ready to help. We still have a weak farm system, but it is better than it was a few years ago. We do not have much in AAA and we are waiting on Mejia hoping we have not ruined him in the pen. Hoping we give him the time to learn to pitch in the minors so he can be part of the rotation. There is another pitcher in st lucie who has had a good run. Perhaps he will be in AA next year.

  9. Congrats Delcos. Your article has been linked to metsblog.com. You have made the big time. I totally disagree with you and the posters who want to throw in the towel already. The Mets are currently 81/2 behind in he wild card hunt. there are still 6 weeks left to play. Its a long shot, sure but stranger things have happened and I dont have to go back to 1973 either. The phils were 3 1/2 behind our heroes with only a week to play and they found a way. that was only 3 years ago.

  10. I want Jerry to try to win every game until elimination. Tejada and Martinez are not ready. better they go back down and perfect thier craft. It helped Parnell and it could help them too. Or maybe they are just not major league players. The Mets have pitching. When you have good pitching, anything can happen. Like Yogi said: “It aint over till its over.”

  11. As for clemens, I wont cry for him and I wont feel sorry for him either. The ultimate bully finally gets his comeuppance. It couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

  12. mets.com says they are 8 1/2 off the wc.

    let us say they go 24-14 which is 5 games above 500. they still need help. do you think this team can do that?

    sure. any team can do that. can this team do it?

  13. There’s a time to throw in the towel a time to fight like hell.
    The numbers are hardly there to fight like hell. Fight yeah but tooth and nail?
    The players to me dont have that attitude. The other night yeah they wwent out like gang busters because of all the press. But honestly that should have been the call to arms day one after spring training.
    These guys have way too much “FUN”
    Play hard play to win. and when you lose get fricken angry. dont laugh at getting caught stealing..
    This is the only met team I have every watched in 40 years that laughs at getting caught struck out scored on..
    This is the reason why i think the season is over. If these are men then they need to play like men. Not like a bunch of people playing a pick up game for charity and a few beers.

  14. 14. It was 7 1/2 when I posted it.
    15. you exaggerate. Wright has taken his bat and smashed it around the dugout. krod took out it out on his father in law. Tell me santana doesnt care.
    The point of the article is the Mets should just tell thier fans the year is lost and we give up. Even pittsburgh and kansas city dont do that. What kind of message does that send to the young players you are trying to bring up? The Mets fans are not stupid. Thats correct. You dont have to announce the obvious. Meanwhile you play to win.

  15. 16. Then we are seeing 2 different things. yes from time to time. wright is one man.
    Keith mentions it. gary mentions it Ronnie mentions it. We all seem to see the same thing.

    During the hall of fame interview it was mentioned…

    My comment is that as a team. they have way too much fun, even when they are losing.

  16. Ray,

    Regardless of 7.5/8.5 there are not many games left and they need to win a high ratio. I do not think this team has the attitude to fight and win by force of will.

    They have a losing record against losing teams. That should not be.

  17. (17) Steve C: They are having too much fun? Really? They look like the biggest bunch of sad sacks to me.

    And JD…this team is not rebuilding…just because they put Tejada at 2b over Castillo doesn’t make it so.

  18. SteveC(15)

    I remember Strawberry criticizing the team some months back for not having the right attitude. Many including Mr. Wright demurred saying he don’t know us.

    His point was you had to fight each other when you weren’t putting out. That his team picked each other up by calling each other out when they did not put forth the right effort.

    This team played better weeks ago before Castillo and Beltran came back and ruined it. Ruben can’t hit worth a lick, but he has more enthusiasm and makes the plays in the field.

    When Bay was playing he played a good OF, just can’t hit. There are too many holes in the lineup. Ike is getting out and Barajas stopped hitting and is now gone. The main guys that should be doing it aren’t.

    As I posted before on this or some other thread. There are too many holes on this team that management constructed. We knew this at the beginning of the season. And we knew this for the last 2 seasons as well. The tape is a replay. Put in any recent season and the results are the same.

    Bad team means losing season. The problem is the team has been getting worse.

    This year is the year of Niese and the surprise of the season in Dickey.

    Will Dickey next year be the Ollie from 06? ie. Good first year and disappointment every year after?

  19. Steve(19)

    I am not sure if Tejada will be our 2b next year. If he can’t hit 250 they need to find someone else.

  20. (21) I’m hoping that by mid 2011, Reese Havens is ready to take over. Provided of course that he doesn’t become the next F-Mart due to injury.

  21. 19.) every game i watch. they are always laughing and joking with the opposing baseman.
    When reyes got caught stealing he that smile and laughing ..
    I am sorry.. every one i ever see get caught stealing doesnt look all that happy. yeah sure i got gunned down good job. but ya know what. I just lost a base runner for my team let alone screwed up my base stealing %..

    Their must win attitude and drive just doesnt seem to be stable. sure they are sad. they are all under the looking glass and even the 80’s mets are criticizing their play. because they are playing unlike any met team that has ever hit the field.

    Yes, we lose many games.. but the mets that hit the field you know they are their to win. I dont get that from the collective. havent gotten it for a few years now. yes individuals you can see their drive. but collectively.. it isnt there..

    thats my impression and apparently i am not alone. thats all i meant by it all.