Mets Chat Room; oh boy, it’s Pittsburgh.

The Mets still haven’t won a road series against a National League team this season, but this could be the weekend.

Games #122-124 at Pirates.

Too little, too late, of course.

The Mets are in Pittsburgh tonight for the start of a three-game series, a series they should have won. Then again, there have been so many of them this season, including Houston.

There is no guarantee they’ll beat the Pirates, because afterall, they have a losing record against teams with losing records. They have a losing record on the road – a terrible record on the road. They have a losing record in one-run games and in extra-innings.

In all the benchmark statistics that dictate what kind of team they should be they have a losing record.

The Pirates always play the Mets tough at home, so why should this weekend be any different? I’ve been waiting all season for the Mets to take the next step and they haven’t.

I certainly don’t expect them to start now.

NOTE: I have been planning a trip for awhile now and won’t be around to monitor the chat room on a regular basis this weekend. Have a great weekend.

27 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; oh boy, it’s Pittsburgh.

  1. Manuel is going for the wildcard as if that will save his job.

    Have a great weekend..

  2. so keith is calling out beltran for not having the skills to cover cf while pagan is in left.

    since this season is done, i dont have too much of an issue with having beltran in cf, but next season pagan should be in CF, beltran in RF and Bay LF.

  3. so they announce they sent down fmart.

    my question is why did they bring him up to begin with? he was not tearing it up in AAA and they promote him. fine. 2 weeks later they demote him.

    the team is broken. they need to start firing people now. they are jerking their players around.

  4. i just read an article that the mets are 1-13 in games ollie has appeared in. then of course there are the 3 catchers and luis.

    when is this team going to do the right thing to try and win?

    is it any wonder we have a losing record against teams with a losing record.

    but wait. we have a losing record. so i guess that is to be expected.

  5. It will be a sad day Tuesday when the Mets return to CitiField to take on the Florida mMrlins in the battle for third without Rod Barajas. Fresh off taking a series from the Pittsburgh Pirates, the fans will be disappointed that Barajas has gone west like the Dodgers and Giants a half century ago.

    And best wishes to almost-Mets manager Lou Piniella as he retires due to family concerns.

  6. (5) The alleged reason they sent down F-Mart (Who by the way now has another injury this time to his knee…,) was because Jerry felt he didn’t know how to recognize a breaking pitch. Well that just goes to the further dysfunction in the organization…shouldn’t this have been determined BEFORE he came up? I mean, he could recognize it in AAA, but not now? Total complete dysfunction. And the other funny thing about F-Mart being sent down for that reason is do you really think Frenchy knows how to recognize a breaking pitch? LOL

  7. 9.) i find it interesting the FMart is injured now? makes him untouchable. or cheap.

    This management style really has be scratching my head. wait for it .. wait for it..

    At least under Phillips we knew he was an idiot and sold and bought to waste money and didnt have the best interest for the team.

    Omar, is just a big ? now..

  8. Steve Phillips: You mean the only NY Met GM in history that was behind a team that made the playoffs twice in a row and maybe should have made it 3 years in a row the other one being 1998?

  9. 11. yeah. the man that sells the best players at the detriment of the team. and buys the most expensive at their sunset.

    and that bad mouths the mets every chance he gets.

  10. well if you look at the negative and positive of the wiki. and the negative and positive from the ultimate database.. 😉

    so wiki wasnt overly harsh or overly rosy.

    unfortunately you wont find many sites out there with all that is truly known. everything now talks about him with ESPN affair ..

  11. (16) WIth the exception of the Izzy for Taylor trade, I think overall he was a really good GM. And even with Izzy, you can make a case that he would have never flourished if he stayed with the Mets.

  12. I just think selling off and buying old. did it for me. it paled whatever good he did do.

    was he put in a tough spot, yeah probably.

    But i dont know now. I am torn between whom i do not like more now phillips or Omar. which i find interesting.

  13. (18) Who of note did he really sell off though? I don’t think at the time anyone thought Melvin Mora would come back to bite us in the arse. lol

  14. according to the link he gave away bay and wanted to give reyes away.

    to be fair jose was always injured. i had my doubts about him as i do with fmart.

  15. Yes, and there was also talk he wanted to trade Wright for Jose Cruz, Jr. But like the Reyes blurb, he never did either of those.

  16. steve

    at the end of the day you are right. the 2000 team and the year or two on either end of it was a good team. they had D, pitching and hitting.

    they weren’t great, but they were competitive. not in the way the mets currently define it which seems to be we hope to win as much as we lose. but competitive in they were fun to watch and you had a realistic hope that they would be in the post season.

    however, steve phillips left a bad taste in the mouth. i dont quite remember why, but i remember not having the door hit him as he left was a good thing.

  17. wasnt he the one that let Hampton come and go?

    He also is the reason we had no vaugn and jeremy burnits and almost year years of crud!

  18. stevec(24)

    he didnt let hampton go. he got hampton but hampton wanted no part of us. which in the end turned out to be a good thing as he sucked after he left us.