On Backman ….

There’s no way Jerry Manuel will survive after this season. Whoever replaces him will have to be marketed to a disgruntled and discouraged fan base.

The one guy who will work and won’t break the bank, and who has won at his level, but hasn’t managed on the major league level is Wally Backman.

The Mets need to market fire and intensity, something that has been lacking, and Backman meets that description. Because of his background and ties to the 1986 championship team, Backman is somebody the team can market and the public will buy.

The downside is his lack of major league experience, but the Mets have to weigh this against the public relations upside.

30 thoughts on “On Backman ….

  1. wait you mean its HoJo and backman back together?! maybe ronnie and keith will visit from the booth and lend real assistance if that happens.

    Its that or pull Davy or Bobby out of retirement 😉

  2. I would like a manager that can get his players to play like wally.

    scrappy, workman like players who are fundamentally sound.

    from what i have read his team in brooklyn plays like that.

    i would also like a manager that isn’t sybil. reward the players who are playing well. try not to trash the pen by end of april. try and create a stable lineup that works and keep it.

    i wouldnt mind him. dont know what else is out there.

  3. oh that is right.

    davey is around. he hinted a few weeks ago that he was available.

    bobby o and the guys in the booth seemed to respect him and liked playing for him.

  4. I think no real met fan would mind Wally coming to the big leagues.
    Especially if he brings to the table being up front about players and their real position on the field whether it be as a platoon or an everyday player.
    And also the pitching.. knowing that you are taking the pitcher out for the right reason.

  5. 3.) They interviewed Davey, and that kind of was brought up. I got the feeling he wouldnt touch the current prima donnas with a 10 foot pole. they may not be used to a REAL manager.

    But who knows.

  6. who is a prima donna on this team? not the starting pitchers. neither then pen except for krod who may be gone.

    not the position players who count.

    perhaps beltran because he has been an all star. everyone else wont matter. you cut them or bench them.

  7. 6. Ollie as the main one.

    I guess you get the feeling of the prima donna because of how manuel makes us perceive. Beltran and castillo out of rehab right back in the thick?

    if dan Murphy comes back does Ike and Mike both lose 1st base?

    just perception i guess. probably poor choice of words.. oh well.

  8. ollie cant even pitch one inning as a reliever. who cares if he is a prima donna. he sits the bench or gets cut.

    murphy is no ike. ike wins there. beltran maybe a problem, but he earned some slack as one of the main drivers of the team offensively and defensively.

    who cares about castillo? we have tejada or other minor leaguers or we can get a player for 1-2 million who plays better. i dont see him as an issue.

    besides. altho i dont like luis as a player, i get the impression he doesnt complain a lot.

  9. 9. Louis – agreed. when is he is not injured. he gives a quality at bat he plays hard .
    injured however. night and day. though even injured you get a decent at bat from him.

  10. I worry about the lack of experience in managing in high levels and no major league coaching experience. To me, it smells like trying to appease the fan base to hire a past hero. Perhaps I am wrong, he did have the Arizona job before his past forced him out before he managed a game.
    But if not Wally, then who? Piniella? Torre? Bobby V? Yogi? Maybe the Mets should roll the dice with a new guy.

  11. I dont see Torre coming back to the mets. Well it would be a good ole brooklyn hello to the bronx thats for sure. could be fun.

    If we are to roll the dice on a new guy it should be backman or equivalent.

    We shall see.. maybe M&M will skirt disaster.

  12. Maybe the team should think less about marketing and more about hiring the right guy for the job. If you hire the right guy for the job the marketing side takes care of itself.

  13. 13.) in that case. someone needs to buy the mets from Wilpon. and do the job right. 😉

  14. Screw lack of MLB managerial experience.
    I’d LOVE to see Wally Backman get a chance.
    Rex Hudler is another guy with no MLB managerial experience who deserves a serious look. I don’t care that he once got busted in an airport for marijuana possession.
    The Hud Dog has fire, too and a real passion for the game.
    Other people I’d like to see considered: Alex Cora (assuming he retires after this season), Warren Cromartie, Bobby V, Ken Oberkfell.
    As for Hojo, though?
    What has he done to deserve getting brought back as hitting coach?
    As for new GMs, I’d love to see Kevin Towers get a shot at the Mets gig. Or, maybe the Mets should think about the best WOMAN for that job — Kim Ng, a Dodgers’ assistant GM who’s a rising star.

  15. 15. Not sure about Cora.
    Don’t blame HoJo all that much. he can only show. ruben’s a rookie and starting to swing better. a work in progress. Write/bay/Frenchy these are guys that are streaky and no matter how much you talk to them they are their own men and only will listen so much.
    Just like warthen, however unlike a hitting coach the pitching coach should work and stand by a pitcher. not call him a liar. then he’s injured the next day.
    But who knows.

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  17. Love Wally! Remember seeing him play second base opposite of Ron Gardenhire all the way back when they were with the Tidewater Tides (AAA). I’d be happy to see him get a shot at the manager’s position.

    However, but….. I think VERY highly of Davey Johnson and Bobby Valentine. Would be extremely pleased to see either of those back!

    Joe Torre would be a interesting consideration as well.

    What about Gary Carter? He has indicated interest previously.

  18. 23. wow the Kid. and a rookie Thole. we could have a Kid Raised catcher. wow. that would be awesome.

  19. I loved Gary Carter as a player. He and Johnny Bench were my idols. Therefore, I was very happy when Carter came to the Mets.

    I just have no idea how credible he is as a candidate for the manager’s position.

  20. Are any of them credible? many players have to grown into being a good manager. Look at Torre, he was passable and decent in the Mets. when he went to the Yankees he was still growing then bang ..

    manuel had his shot and never stuck by his word.

  21. Certainly didn’t mean to knock Carter at all, and you do have a good point about credibility. But, if you have a choice to bring in a Johnson, Valentine, or Torre…. Don’t know that he would stand a chance.

    Having said all that, I’d be very happy to see Carter put on the #8 and take the helm.

  22. One other thought along these lines. Not only am I ready for a change in managers, I am LONG past ready for the GM to be shown the door as well. He must be held accountable for his horrible business decisions!