Mets Chat Room; trying to win on the road.

The Mets will try to win their first road series tonight since a three-game sweep of Cleveland in mid-June. They are 10-20 on the road since then, a stat that pretty much says it all about their slide from contention.

Game #121 at Astros

They’ve only won two road series this season, both in interleague play.

Here’s another one: they are hitting a major-league worst .214 since the All-Star break. For good measure, they haven’t scored more than three runs in six straight games.

The frustrating thing is their weakness going into the season – their starting pitching – has been lights out lately. Definitely good enough to contend if they had any offense.

Tonight it will be Pat Misch going for the Mets.

The Mets activated Rod Barajas this afternoon and he’ll be in the lineup tonight. Jerry Manuel said the Mets are still in the race and Barajas is likely to get more playing time than Josh Thole.

The catching situation typifies the dysfunctional nature of the Mets. They are carrying three catchers, which makes no sense in the National League. And, making it worse is they continue to play shorthanded because Oliver Perez is useless.

Here’s tonight’s lineup at Houston:

Jose Reyes, SS

Luis Castillo, 2B

Angel Pagan, CF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Chris Carter, LF

Rod Barajas, C

Pat Misch, LP

163 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; trying to win on the road.

  1. Roger Clemens is in a world of trouble after being indicted for lying to Congress about using steroids. The epitome of arrogance and stupidity. He faces jail time and his legacy is now trash. I don’t know if a plea bargain and admission will be enough to repair it. The Hall of Fame? Clemens once said he didn’t care about the Hall. Good thing because it won’t happen.-JD

  2. I remember Roger Clemens saying he wouldn’t go to the Hall of Fame unless he “went in as a Yankee”. He was wearing some company’s cap at the time that they were no doubt paying him to do.

    I don’t have any use for these guys but I’d feel better if he was actually indicted for using a controlled substance. Not that you should lie under oath to Congress. Or lie if you are in Congress.

    Mets keep Barajas and send down F Mart? Figures. After last nights victory and today’s Atlanta loss, the Mets figure they are in a pennant race.

  3. John (1) Roger deserves all the trouble he is in, and I think he will serve some time.

  4. Dan (3): Jerry’s definition of a pennant race and mine differ. I have to think they have to be closer than 10 games to qualify. I’d try to deal Barajas through waivers. Get something at least.-JD

  5. Barajas just off disaabled and gets the start. not even a ok let him rest and pinch hit and come in later in the game/ hey rub some dirt on tat injury suck it up!

  6. John (6) You never try to make a deal with Congress and that’s one of the things he did. He’ll end up with about 2 years, I think, in some Federal prison.

  7. 8.) you would think this is the time to really put the laundry out and have everyone in the positions you want them to play and see what happens. But No…
    M&M needs to micro manage and put everyone out of position.

  8. what should have happeend tonight.

    Beltran LF, Pagan CF , Frenchy RF
    Tejada Second base.

    Thole Catching..

    and leave Misch in even if we lose 10 – 1
    because what the hell we are out of it right?

  9. 15. I dont know . I think taki has it as a closer. but parnell is younger .. its a hard choice.

  10. John (13) I’m not sure – depends on how much money is still around – he’s spent a fortune on investigators and lawyers. There are four boys involved, but I think they must be out of school by now. If she had any brains she would have left him long before this. Like many athletes, he was never lonesome on the road.

  11. John – I’ll bet Mike Piazza is relieved – I think he was Roger’s main target – at least during the summer of 2000.

  12. John – (25) Absolutely I remember that so clearly. Roger had better get prepared for what is ahead – it won’t be pleasant. I don’t see any way out for him.

  13. 27. oh believe me there are ways out. Feds dont play. but if he has a BIGGER FISH to fork over thats about it.

  14. How telling is this.. every game the pitcher has had to provide the hits to help win the game.

  15. Look at the pitcher gets on base and is. STRANDED, maybe if they had him steal, it would have produced a hit.

  16. John – I wonder how Andy Pettitte is going to take this Clemens situation – it was Roger who convinced him to ‘juice up’ when he was recovering from a previous injury.

  17. actually i really dont care about clemens he is finally getting what he so richly deserves. can we change the subject?
    Like who should be manager next year, if we arent going to talk about the game.
    Thanx! :-)

  18. SteveC (33): Your wish is my command. I wrote earlier it could be Backman. They need a change in attitude. Maybe Backman can give it to them.-JD

  19. John (32) Andy’s got a recurrence of the injury now and is not progressing well.

  20. 34. it would be nice. Webster had a few good thoughts. maybe we should have a poll with a list of 6 candidates.

  21. SteveC (36): That’s a good suggestion. I’m willing to bet Valentine would probably win it. I’ll put a poll together on that topic.-JD

  22. Pagan with more stolen bases than Reyes. and we finally get a RISP to score./


  23. Big break for the Mets. It gives the Mets a run. The way the Mets have been hitting lately that could be it for them. Sad, but true.-JD

  24. John – I think Davey Johnson has shown some interest, but Valentine seems to be the best choice. However, I”m not convinced that Jeff and the rest of the Board of Directors want to go in that direction – it’s a matter of money of course.

  25. 36 – I had a few good thoughts??? Quick, right down the date and time! That doesn’t happen too often.

    Can we talk about clearing out the GM’s office too????

  26. i think there’s a reason why Bobby V. didnt go to the Marlins. I said it when it didnt happen, the mets probably said listen .. we want you. give it time.

  27. Mickey Mouse??? I honestly have NO clue when it comes to candidates for the GM’s position. However, I think the present GM has made enough bad choices to last the Mets for several years.

  28. But getting back to the list:

    Bobby V.
    Davey J.
    The Kid Gary Carter
    Wally Backman
    Torre – for the Brooklyn salute to the Bronx value. Started out as a met , went to the bronx then comes back home.

    whom else?

  29. 47 – I hope that Bobby V will be given honest consideration. I really like Davey Johnson, but have to wonder how much he has left in the tank.

  30. 51 – It won’t happen, but Willie Randolph was not responsible for the Mets failures in my opinion.

  31. 55. I said this a few times. Willie was fired for far less than what manuel has NOT done.

  32. 57. Sweet Lou was always the enemy not sure I would want to see it. but hey anything is better than what we have..

  33. 58 – I think Willie Randolph was doomed by the constant clubhouse distraction by the GM and his staff if I remember will. And a bench coach that was all to eager to take his position.

  34. 60. i think it was manuel with the knife in Willie’s side. Willie was form the Joe Torre school of being soft spoken and trusted his coaches and assistants. He wasnt doing great but .. it was a horrible way to be let go.. unprofessional

  35. 61 – On the subject of Ronnie, has he or Keith H. shown any interest in taking a coaching or managing position?

  36. 66. yes. delgado was terrible.
    68. yes we mentioned that before. but if HoJo stays and backman manages believe it if they dont go down and lend a hand from time to time off season or before the game.

  37. 68 – No doubt, never heard either mention any interest. I would think that some of the best people have already been mentioned.

    Any thoughts on why Gary Carter hasn’t gotten more attention from the Mets?

  38. John (72) – I do remember that, and I would agree that the show of interest wasn’t well timed. However, didn’t think it should have closed the door either.

  39. so far Misch has earned a complete game. lets see if Manuel is growing a set and will continue to leave the picthers in ..
    If he hadnt stuck to the pitch count maybe we would have had more wins.

  40. John (74) Agreed, for that matter, he isn’t at the top of my list either. I just figured that at the very least the media would enjoy regurgitating his previous interest and get some extra mileage out of it.

    On a snap vote, I’d vote for Bobby V since would think he has more gas in his tank. However, been seeing a lot of Bobby V on TV, and very little of Davey Johnson.

  41. SteveC (76): He left in Dickey last night. I was surprised, but can’t fault him for it even though it didn’t work out. I’d been wanting him to do it all year.-JD

  42. John – This game is moving along quite well, hope Misch gets to complete it. Do you think that will happen?

  43. You all asking about Davey Johnson? He’s been ill and just got out of the Mayo clinic.

  44. BOTTOM SEVENTH INNING: Manuel might use the pen this inning. Misch is one pitch away from trailing in this game. Sure would be nice if they would score for him.-JD

  45. warthen goes out. they put a pitcher in the Pen. and Misch figures what the hell. i am done. and 3 run homer.

  46. its only 2-3 and only the 7th inning.
    ridiculous and he pitched only 69 pitches.
    As i said. it doesnt matter how well you are pitching.. the minuet teh shut out is gone you dont complete the game. how is that showing loyalty to a pitcher?
    If he holds off another 16 batters then what ?

  47. John (99) / Steve (100) I am with Steve on this one. Not to mention, as if going to the bull pen is really gonna help!

  48. Webster (103): The homer is the thing. If he’d given up just a hit they might have given him another hitter. But the bomb did him in. Actually, I’m a little surprised Manuel didn’t have somebody up at the start of the inning. … Outside of one game, Misch has no track record with Manuel.-JD

  49. My issue is misch proved he was a decent pitcher only when they absolutely needed him did they bring him up. and when you need to gage if he can keep his composure after a foul up. you take him out.
    JD you yourself said, this game they should be shaken out the new stuff. this was the perfect example. ok you gave up 3 runs. can you strike everyone else out? and just hope the offense kicks in. Because then at least you earned the full loss or the win.
    meanwhile, No one will know if Misch can really ever pitch out of trouble.

  50. 107. It doesnt matter with manuel, usually 7 is all you get anyway. whether you are good or bad.

  51. John (107) I really can’t argue your point beyond the thought of there isn’t a lot of help in the bull pen, and I am also a beleiver in letting a pitcher work through their challenges. Perhaps that is why I will never be the manager in the MLB.

  52. SteveC (108): You make a good point. The problem is Jerry still thinks they are in a race. Manuel isn’t interested in seeing what Misch can do. Neither are the Mets. If they were, they would have brought him up weeks ago. Manuel still thinks wins matter now to save his job. He’s not managing for the future but for each day.-JD

  53. 112. if he playing for his job. too little too late. 2 years too little .. and far too late.

  54. John – would it be better for the team if Jerry were released now instead of waiting for the end of the season?

  55. If this is the last year of Manuel, can’t help but wonder how the Mets will handle the termination. I don’t think it could be worse than what they did to Willie…. But, one just never knows.

  56. SteveC (116): The more I think of Perez’s selfishness, the angrier I get. It was his right, but he doesn’t care about anybody but himself.-JD

  57. well look at that the old manuel at work. after 6. a pitcher every 2 batters or every inning .. whichever you like/

  58. We haven’t even mentioned Warthen. Any thoughts on where he might stand moving forward?

  59. 118. they wont pull a willie on him. the organization learned from their faux pas after the first time.
    Though if anyone earned it its manuel/

  60. I wonder if the Mets would consider Don Mattingly as manager. He’s always been thought of as Torre’s heir in Los Angeles but with the divorce going on between the McCourts, maybe that would change.

  61. With Dickey, Misch, etc and other pleasant surprises, Warthen has a good chance of staying. Of course there is Coin Flip but I don’t think anyone could do anything with him.

  62. Webster (123): The new manager will get to name his own pitching coach. The pitching has been better, probably good enough to save Warthen, but it doesn’t work that way.-JD

  63. i am psychic huh/ the old manuel is micromanaging the pitchers.
    we are at pitcher number 4.

  64. John (132) You are absolutely correct, didn’t have my head screwed on straight when I mentioned that. Just have never had a warm and fuzzy about Warthen for some reason.

  65. Dan (126) Surprised no one has jumped on your thought about Mattingly. Seems like a good consideration to me.

  66. I wonder if there is a pitching coach out there who would make a good manager. It’s rarely done. But the San Diego Padres, surprisingly, have the best record in the NL with former Angels pitching coach Bud Black in his fourth year as manager.

  67. Ollie warming in pen how nice. right next to Parnell. i bet they put pwerez in for one guy and then bring in parnell.

  68. John (139) Sadly, I agree completely.

    And along those lines, I have never been a fan of K-Rod. And that was before the recent attention. However, what is Billy Wagner’s availability for next year and would he consider a return to the Mets if given a chance. Like Backman, I really appreciated his attitude. (Although I know it rubbed some the wrong way.

  69. Steve (142) I especially think catchers have a better over all perspective on the game. Therefore, that is why I wouldn’t mind seeing Gary Carter get a chance with the Mets.

    But, he might actually be third on my list behind Bobby V and Wally.

  70. John (146) I hadn’t heard that Billy might retire…. I hate hearing that! He seems to have Wally’s attitude on the mound.

  71. 143 I’ve wondered about him. He was a catcher as a player. Always seem to be joined together with Larussa. I don’t know if any team ever seriously talked to him.

    If the Mets don’t score in this inning, they will finish the series ar Ten-Run Field with 11 runs (4 games, almost 5 with yesterday’s extra inning affair).

    I wonder how the Mets fanbase would react if they hire Mattingly. A decade ago the Rangers fans didn’t like hiring a former Islander in Bryan Trottier and he failed. Although Trotts had off the ice problems: bad investments, considered suicide, wife divorced when she found out.

  72. 151. willie was a yankee. and fanbase wasnt aweful. willie was just too quiet of a manager. i dont think its the team i think its teh man.

  73. Eddie and Wayne have put this game “In The Book” and sure enough in the last innings the Astros came alive and got 3 runs to the Mets 2.

    There is so much talk about who will become the new Manager, GM, Pitching Coach, etc. Of course, nobody mentions that these decisions about new hires are made elsewhere, not in the stands or the press – it’s not a public election.

    However there are some gamers – David, Ike, Jose, Johan etc. still playing their best and for that I am thankful.

    The big baseball news of the day was about Roger Clemens who has been indicted for lying to Congress. His career is over and so is life as he knows it.

    The Pirates come to town tomorrow –

    See You Then.

  74. Time to call it a night myself… Good night all. Had fun on my first night here, I’ll have to try it again sometime.

  75. A QUICK WRAP/Game #121

    FINAL: Astros 3, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 60-61.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: After retiring 16 straight Pat Misch gave up three hits, including a three-run homer.
    ON THE MOUND: Misch gave up three runs in six-plus innings. He deserved better.
    AT THE PLATE: Three hits. Sorry, that doesn’t get it done.
    IN THE FIELD: Rod Barajas returned behind the plate.
    LOOKING AHEAD: The Mets are off to Pittsburgh for the weekend – JD

  76. John (160) Thanks! (Laughing) I probably brought a few scraps, not much meat though!

    Enjoyed the evening. Been reading this site for a long time, finally jumped in.

    Thanks again!

  77. John (161) Thanks for reminding me that the Mets are going to Pittsburgh, the Pirates are not coming here.