Questions for 2011

Let’s face it, we’re down to miracles and hoping for historic comebacks now. The Mets lost with their ace last night and find themselves 11 games behind Atlanta.

How many days before spring training?

As far as I’m concerned the next six weeks should be about laying the ground work for 2011, a time to find some answers. Here are the most important issues:

JENRRY MEJIA: Mejia is pitching in Double-A, experiencing no shoulder problems and will be recalled when the rosters expand Sept. 1. He should immediately be slotted into the rotation to find out what is there. And, if he takes his lumps, well, that’s part of the learning process.

PELFREY: Can he finish strong?

MIKE PELFREY: Once again, Pelfrey has shown us two personas. After a 9-1 start he’s 1-5, but has pitched well in his last two games. It is important to see if he learned anything during his horrid July that he can build off of.

JON NIESE/R.A. DICKEY: Just keep on doing what they’ve done. Two of the bright spots need to build on their success.

RUBEN TEJADA: Can this kid hit in the major leagues? Let’s give him steady playing time to find out. No need to platoon with Luis Castillo as we know all about him.

CARLOS BELTRAN: It would be nice if he finishes strong and ups his trade value, but who are we kidding? Who’s going to trade for that $18.5 million contract? I’d see what he’s capable of doing in right field.

JASON BAY: It is a lost season for him. There’s no need to bring him back. What’s he going to accomplish? Hit 10 homers? Make sure he’s healthy and start again next year.

HISANORI TAKAHASHI/BOBBY PARNELL: As of now, it appears Takahashi is the closer. If that’s the case, leave him there and let him take his lumps and see what is there. The assumption must be made that Francisco Rodriguez is not coming back. If the Mets decide Parnell is a better fit long term for the closer role, then give him the ball. The goal should be to end the season with an idea of your closer for 2011.

IKE DAVIS/JOSH THOLE: Both these guys will start next year so give them the time. I especially want to see them hit against left-handed pitching. No more platooning in that situation.

7 thoughts on “Questions for 2011

  1. i agree with most of what is said here.

    pelfrey has yet to put together one consistent season. i would like to see that.

    i think beltran can be dealt if he proves he can play at a decent level. you would have to eat some money tho.

    bay should be nailed to the bench. he should not play this year.

    let us see what taki has. i dont have faith in bobby. i think he can be effective in the pen but not as the man.

    i would like to see thole and ike play every day. why does jerry platoon them? is hessman part of the future? if not, dont platoon him.

  2. As most of you know, I’ve been involved with the Yankees and the Mets since I was a toddler. Dad was a baseball fan, and I was the eldest of his kids – it didn’t matter to him that I was a girl – I got taken to Yankee stadium often.

    When the Mets arrived I was old enough to go by myself or with my young niece, and we did. She learned how to keep a scorecard from me up in “heaven” as she called it on the top of the tier behind home plate.

    It’s the game I love and how it is played. I don’t keep stats, but I really care how every man who plays is doing.

    I expect them to do their best – and as the years go by with bigger and bigger salaries, the good ones continue to excel and the others often dog it.

    Most of the good ones would play for scale, while some of the others never seem to stop griping about everyone else on the team without looking in the mirror.

    The weekend’s incident in the Family Room at Citi Field really scared me, as to just who is playing for MLB these days.

    Is this what we’ve come to while these men playing a child’s game?

    Please say no.

  3. 2. I agree 100%.
    its like the old joke about going to see a polo match. who wants to see a bunch of rich guys hit a ball.

    This is baseball today. it is no longer about the game, the team. but about the money and what have you done for me lately.

    No team loyalty, no team. individuals thrown together. if they start to bond. well then they throw a monkey wrench in to stop it.

    Like you i dont look at stats as much as how the player is playing. yes stats tells you how successful. but they dont tell you that they played great they swung well. just got beat by a great pitch or a bad call. or robbed.

    Lets see what happens as this year winds down. and hopefully house gets cleaned starting with the wilpons.

  4. One word: Rebuild.
    The problem is, Omar Minaya has dug the Mets into a financial hole with money committed and owed to unproductive players such as Jason Bay, Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.
    Francisco Rodriguez is expensive, too, but despite his off-field behavior, he at least has produced on the field. But he too must go, if rebuilding is to be undertaken.
    The same applies to Carlos Beltran and Johan Santana.
    Getting rid of all these players (and hopefully as much of the salaries as possible) and getting many prospects back would be highly unpopular in the short term and would cost the Mets dearly at the gate and in the TV Nielsen ratings, which would affect advertising and advertising revenue. The Mets would once again become irrelevant in New York sports (as if they could get any more irrelevant now), but making such moves might mean success in the long term.
    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m willing to wait a few seasons for a competitive team if it means exorcising the team’s current demons, starting from the Wilpons on down.
    I patiently waited from 1980 when the Wilpons took over, until 1984 when then-GM Frank Cashen worked his magic, helping steer the Mets on a seven-year run in which they compiled more victories than any other MLB franchise and won a World Series and a division title in the process. If the Wild Card format had been in place back in the day, it would’ve meant seven straight playoff appearances.
    But there must be a new crew to do this rebuilding. And the only way the Wilpons will be forced to surrender their stewardship (hopefully to a more responsbible group) is for all of us to hit ’em where it hurts — in the wallet.
    That means staying away from Citi Field. It means not buying Mets merchandise. It means not supporting companies who advertise on Mets telecasts. And it also means mounting a huge, spirited and passionate media campaign to communicate our displeasure with the state of the team.
    We’ll somehow feel at times that we’re being disloyal to the team we love, but in reality we’d be participating in this movement because we love the team.
    It’s kinda like an hypothetical crisis intervention we’d be doing with a beloved family member who has become addicted to illegal drugs or alcohol or who has become abusive and self-destructive.
    The family member may not like or want to hear what we have to say, may accuse us of not loving him or her any more or may hate our guts for it.
    But in the long run, that family member will thank us and be a better, stronger person for it.
    The Mets are a team in crisis, brought on by self-destructive behavior, from front office decisions to off-field player rage.
    Don’t we deserve a better and stronger team?
    Let’s empower ourselves and start a movement.
    So who’s with me on this?

  5. 4. Gil i said this last year.
    I stated that we needed to take a page out of the Marlins book.
    so yes i believe the core of us agree. rebuilding is indeed necessary.
    and with young talent to boot!

  6. you could say we have been waiting 4 years already.

    2 at least. and we are not rebuilding.

    they sell a lie and we buy it/support it.

  7. 6. not me. i refuse to pay citibank the privilege of my presents at a game where some of the players are thugs. and the M&M are not loyal to the good players. and the medical staff cant find dirt for the concussion.

    i have SNY and a beer at home and it costs cheaper. do i want to bring my family to a game. YES! but if i am going to drop several 100 dollars .. i want to watch a team..not a micromanaged group of individuals.