Mets Chat Room; Santana tries to keep it going.

The last time Johan Santana pitched he told manager Jerry Manuel to leave him alone, that he could go ten innings.

Game #119 at Astros

Want to bet there will be a similar conversation tonight?

For the first time in two months, the Mets the first game of a road series last night. They’ll try to make it two in a row tonight behind Santana (10-6, 2.89), who is coming off a masterful 4-0 blanking of the Colorado Rockies. They haven’t won two straight on the road since June 11-18.

Santana admits there’s a certain degree of pressure when he takes the mound considering the Mets’ lackluster offense.

“Every time we go out there, we go out there with the mentality of winning,’’ said Santana, who has given up nine hits in 16 1/3 scoreless innings in his last two starts.

Over his last nine starts Santana is 5-1 with a 1.88 ERA. With a little run support he could have 15 victories by now.

Two slumbering Mets showed wake-up signs last night. David Wright had three hits and Carlos Beltran had two, including a home run.

48 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; Santana tries to keep it going.

  1. The Mets placed Francisco Rodriguez on the disqualified list. They won’t have to pay him for the rest of this year and are seeking to convert his contract to a non-guaranteed deal. Undoubtedly, the Players Association will contest this action…. Meanwhile, Rodriguez underwent successful surgery. … The Mets say they have the right to terminate the contract should Rodriguez be sentenced.-JD

  2. John (4) It doesn’t have to be an easy process – just the fact that it has already started shows that the Mets are really serious about this.

  3. John (17) Johan won’t be happy about that inning, but I’ve seen worse from him this season.

  4. John (22) You’re right, I really know very little about him, but I am fascinated by the way he plays and how much he loves to be in the game.

  5. John (24) I don’t know – in fact I’ve noticed the lackluster play of the Mets and today I wrote this for the team:

    Guys – “Remember when you were twelve and wanted to grow up and play baseball in New York? Well, you’re here, show us that you deserve to be.”

  6. John (26) Yes. Those were the days of real baseball. Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote a neat little book about growing up on the Island and learning about baseball as a child.
    I wonder how much of what we have these days will be considered ‘historic’…it’s not the same.

  7. Hi Dave – It’s taken Santana a while to get going, but the team could do more.

  8. i read they signed their first round pick.

    hopefully he gives us a quality arm in the minors

  9. i hope so.

    last years second round guy got injured. so we dont know what we have with him

  10. i also read that bay is still hurt.

    with the concussions this team has had, wouldnt their medical staff be more sensitive to them by now?

  11. Dave – check out the Sunday NY Times for a story on Jason Bay – his concussion is not the usual kind and another baseball player who had the same situation has not been back to play.

  12. Eddie and Wayne are back again and have put the game “In The Book” – in Howie’s absence.

    This game moved slowly and that was surprising with two very capable pitchers.

    However, nobody was hitting much either, and Houston won tonight.

    The bigger news of the day was this:

    “The Mets today announced that they have placed pitcher Francisco Rodriguez on the Disqualified List for conduct in violation of his Uniform Player’s Contract. In addition, the Mets notified the player, his agent, and the MLB Players Association that it has exercised its right to convert Rodriguez’s contract with the club to a non-guaranteed contract.”

    See you tomorrow –

  13. annie

    thanks for the links. i read the nyt one. the thing is we have had a few players in the past few years with concussions.

    bay went down. it turns out he had whip lash. my point is the doctors and trainers get paid very well to look after the well being of the players.

    i would hope that they know and understand the risks of concussions, how to recognize it and treat it.

    perhaps this was unavoidable, but i would think that with the history of this team that they knew how to protect against this injury.

    he was the major offseason signing. i hope it isnt serious.

  14. You would think that a team of doctors and medical experts would have the ability to test a player while on the field.
    No different than if you had an expert and you called an EMT.

    I have just lost so much faith in the medical staff and its showing. I posted a NYT article earlier about how the Mets med staff is perceived.