Tonight’s lineup at Houston

Here’s tonight’s lineup in Houston:

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, LF

David Wright, 3B

Carlos Beltran, CF

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Mike Hessman, 1B

Henry Blanco, C

Luis Castillo, 2B

Jon Niese, LP

9 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup at Houston

  1. Hey come out and watch the kids tonight!!! Hessman, Francouer, Blanco, Castillo…wow…so many reasons to watch!!! Seriously Jerry is a joke and a half as manager.


  2. STO took the words right off of my keyboard. Play Thole, F Mart, Tejada, Davis regularly.

  3. Hessman likes 3rd. but they are forcing 1st on him. they are waiting for his bat. if its bigger than Ike. then Ike will be benched.
    M&M is all about what have you done for me lately.