Mets Chat Room; K-Rod done for year.

Game #118 at Astros

The homestand that was supposed to be their last chance has ended in mediocrity, and now it is on to Houston and Pittsburgh, two teams with offenses even worse than the Mets.

The road trip begins with the news Francisco Rodriguez could be lost for the season after tearing a ligament in his right thumb sustained in the altercation with the father of his girlfriend. Then again, what good is a closer if you’re not scoring any runs.

The offense is hitting less than .200 in August, and the slide is personified by David Wright, who is batting .114 with no RBI in August.

Jon Niese, one of the positives of this season, goes for the Mets tonight.

116 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; K-Rod done for year.

  1. well lets see if Taki becomes the next closer.
    and maybe we will see more complete games. because no real closer.

  2. SteveC (1): Closer by committee. Based on match-ups, I presume. But, you have to have a lead to use a closer. Those have been scarce lately.-JD

  3. well when you cant decide on a lineup. how can you decide on a closer. and when you do go to the pen and use a pitcher per batter every other night. how do you expect to have a fresh arm.

    And when you dont REALLY stand behind your players and have a what have you done for me lately.

    get this announcing the lineups. and they say that Jerry claims it isnt a platoon. UH HUH./ jerry I believe that like when you said a player that earns his spot keeps his spot.

    we have seen that NOT IN ACTION/

  4. SteveC (3): Things were juggled since the All-Star break when Carlos Beltran returned. The offense has been terrible since. A coincidence? I’m not so sure. They were at their best in June when they went with a set lineup and David Wright was batting third.-JD

  5. John (6) What a day – I’m looking at the issue from a legal point of view. What do you have to have in order to void a contract?

  6. FIRST INNING: It’s easy to say it now, but Beltran has done nothing since his return. He’s not the same player and I don’t see any signs of him breaking out of it.-JD

  7. typical. Wright gets a single. gets a steal. RISP and beltran strikes out. how nice.

  8. 5. M&M changes the lineup like underwear. he ran out so he wore the same pair and we did great. he got 3 more pairs and now cant decide which to wear. as a result. one is too tight and the other too loose. all are now full of holes.

  9. Annie (7): There are certain behavior clauses. I don’t think it is specifically written that you don’t beat up 53-year-old men. Kind of implied. But, he injured himself in an irresponsible manner that prevents him from being physically able to play. That’s what the Mets will explore. Believe me, they’d like to get out from underneath that contract.-JD

  10. John (8) When I saw him in the outfield for the first time over the weekend, I thought he’d lost a lot of his ability to play the game. It’s obvious that the leg is not 100%

  11. John (11) I’m thinking along those lines myself – shows that he meant to hit Mr. Pena hard and incur some damage. Did he do this to his throwing hand? I’d think that if you are a clever enough lawyer you can make this case and save the Mets some big bucks.

  12. John (13) It’s like golf, you are not going to hit that ball properly if part of your body hurts or is injured. You’ve got to be loose. Still wearing the brace – underneath his pants leg.

  13. John (15) Excuse my language, but I’m sick to death of the F—ing Players Association. They’ve screwed up enough issues already.

  14. John (21) You passed the test! – I was in Plantation, Florida buying new golf shoes, came out to the car, turned on the radio and heard the news. I cried – that voice – I’ve never heard another like it.

  15. if anything hurts it will throw you off a little. no matter how much. its the surprise pain that gets you .

    I should know i had 3 large square bricks of ice fall on my foot last weekend. Still hurts.

  16. MY prediction. Even if Niese pitches perfectly. He wont complete the game.
    If he does complete the game.. it will be a miracle.

  17. 25. Pitchers duel so far. and you know how well the go. until manuel decides to use the pen.

  18. John (24) I know that, I’m a singer, and I have never heard that kind of voice again -and it’s been 33 years.

    (My younger son, Michael is a musician – drummer – in his spare time – he has a ‘garage band’ and he was as quick as you to tell me where he was.)

  19. THIRD INNING: Mets are planning to pick up Reyes’ option. He’s shown he’s healthy now. I think back. What a mistake it was to bat him third.-JD

  20. John (31) I heard that – you have to learn to take Reyes as he is. Sometimes Jerry does foolish things.

  21. So far. I only watched manuel have one compitent interview. after that he went back to being Jerry. As dave calls him SYBIL

  22. John (39) Maybe it’s just as well I don’t see him more often – but I do hear him every night before the game when he talks with Eddie.

  23. Beltran hits a run!
    well thats good enough for M&M. Niese will be out by 7th inning. cause you know we cant win 1-0.. we need to lose 4-1

  24. Guess Carlos has to hit home runs, he can’t run fast enough for those singles.

  25. John (46) Thank you for your help – it’s a worthy cause.

    Is there any word at all these days from the Wilpons?

  26. John (53) Now that you mention it, the PGA tournament didn’t turn out well – the player who should have won, had a two shot penalty because he hadn’t read the rules properly.

  27. Eddie Coleman is calling the game with Wayne Hagin tonight. They’re pretty good together, Howie must be taking a couple of days off.

  28. Gary and keith gave him the kiss of death. they mentioned him going 9. and they mentioned a possible shutout. right after that. broken bat then the long shot to the outfield.

  29. Just got in from a family outing and just saw the news about K-Rod.
    Only the Mets…
    Only the Mets could have something like this happen.
    So K-Rod’s done for the year…
    And then the news item about Jason Bay hoping to be cleared to resume baseball activities soon…
    It’s highly debatable that Jason Bay ever engaged in any baseball activities this year, after signing his contract.

  30. Gil (64): Nice line about Bay and baseball activities. Sad, but true. Somehow, the K-Rod thing is fitting. They are searching for a way to void his contract now.-JD

  31. another lost RISP opportunity.

    funny Hessman makes it known he likes 3rd base. So Wright has a productive day and shows him why he will never see 3rd.

  32. 65 Hey, Annie! Totally settled in. Finished teaching a summer course in essay writing. Just finished reading — in succession — “The Scarlet Letter,” “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” “The Big Sleep” and am now finishing up “Devil in a Blue Dress,” before taking on “There Eyes Were Watching God” and “Zoot Suit.”
    66 Hey, maybe Omar Minaya can pick up Luis Ayala from off the scrap heap once again. We all know what a reliable closer he is! 😉

  33. SteveC (67): He’ll be nothing more than a bench player with the Mets. There’s a reason he’s stayed in the minor leagues for so long.-JD

  34. 69 SteveC: It’s all about winning, dude. Do you think the ’86 Mets would’ve voided the contracts of Tim Teufel, Ron Darling, Rick Aguilera and Bob Ojeda after they got arrested that year in Houston?
    Afterwards, did the Mets move to void Doc Gooden’s contract after he was arrested for resisting arrest in Tampa? Or Darryl Strawberry’s after the domestic violence complaints?

  35. Gil – I’m writing more than usual – the Mets are providing lots of material.

  36. Manuel doesnt want to win. not only does he take niese out after an easy 100 pitches. Ruben tejada, oh wait chris carter.. what a waste

  37. Gil (72): But they aren’t winning now and an awful lot of money is involved. If the Mets can find a way out from under this contract they will.-JD

  38. John – (78) If the Mets can void the contract what happens? Does he just get dumped – while they get the money?

  39. 88. hahaha cause johan pretty much said if you take the ball from em i will deck you.
    Niese should say the same thing.. This is a travesty.

  40. Annie, though you didnt ask me. I was either having fun or trying to make money. in my hometown of good ole brooklyn NY.

  41. great running by wright and frenchy redeems himself. Ike at bat. yeah he isnt platooned at all.

  42. hahaha SNY showing a BP commercial on how they are spinning it that they are working tirelessly to clean up the oil.
    that must have been a lot of money for this ad

  43. 107. listen they oiled up their side of the pond now they oiled us. I have always been against offshore oil rigs.

  44. 109. Manuel needs to argue and get thrown out. just on principle. or better yet play under protest if we lose by 1

  45. Eddie and Wayne – in Howie’s absence – have put this game “In The Book”.

    Because of the troubles in the Mets family over the past few days it was important to win this game now. KRod is going to have surgery on his hand and is out for the rest of the season.

    I’m sure the guys will be happy to tell their wives, girl friends and children that they won’t be seeing KRod again soon -if at all.

    Maybe some semblance of normalcy will find a home at Citi Field.

    See you tomorrow – It’s Santana.

  46. A QUICK WRAP/Game #118

    FINAL: Mets 3, Astros 1.
    RECORD: 59-59.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jon Niese pitched seven solid, and after the Mets escaped a bullpen scare in the eighth they broke through in the ninth.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese gave up a run in seven innings and came away with another no-decision. … Hisanori Takahashi pitched a 1-2-3 ninth for the save.
    AT THE PLATE: Carlos Beltran homered. … Jeff Francoeur delivered a run-scoring triple. … David Wright had three hits.
    IN THE FIELD: A couple of diving plays by Wright. … Beltran made two sparkling catches in the eighth.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana goes tomorrow night.- JD