Mets Chat Room; where’s the hope?

Game #117 vs. Phillies

Every day I look at the standings and wonder if it’s possible. Can the Mets actually turn this thing around and make this season one to remember?

Not so much anymore.

The Braves won big today and the Mets are 9 1/2 games out. It’s double digits if they lose tonight. With each passing day it is becoming more and more that this is a season to forget.

The starting pitching is getting better, but the offense – despite its talents – is listless and stagnant. The bullpen, as we long suspected, is worn and frayed. There’s no spark. No life. No reason for hope.

The Francisco Rodriguez incident really brings this into focus. The players spoke in cliche about supporting a teammate when they should have condemned the action and demanded an apology. The manager, instead of recognizing the severity of the incident and speaking out, said he was willing to pitch him.

The owners issued an 18-work statement expressing their “disappointment” when they should have been expressing their anger. Then again, ownership hasn’t taken a leadership role all season.

Hope? Hope is not an action plan.

20 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room; where’s the hope?

  1. Why are you surprised that K-Rod’s teammates — other than Carlos Beltran — have been speaking in anything other than cliches?
    From all accounts, no other players actually witnessed the incident — it was members of their families who saw what happened. It’s kinda hard to publicly condemn the actions of a co-worker, based on hearsay and harder still to publicly call out teammates in the press.
    It definitely seems that K-Rod has an anger problem, based on his past run-ins with Tony Bernazard, Randy Niemann and former Yankees’ pitcher Brian Bruney.
    But as far as Jerry Manuel having any doubts whether to pitch K-Rod when he’s activated, why would he?
    If baseball managers benched guys for being rectal orifices or for their boorish, violent — or in K-Rod’s case, allegedly criminal — behavior — they probably couldn’t even get nine guys on the field.

  2. Hi John, Hi Gil – Didn’t realize that it was raining at Citi Field. Why start the game?

  3. Gil – you need to read the New York press, there is a lot of background about K-Rod that they never printed before. i.e. previous restraining orders.

  4. John (5) I’ve been inside watching the PGA Tournament which ended in a three way tie and they are playing extra holes. It’s not raining here.

  5. Gil, Beltran was the most pointed against Rodriguez’s actions, simply calling it wrong. They might not have seen the incident, but they were aware of what happened.-JD

  6. Here’s a note: Barajas is expected to be activated Tuesday in Houston. He hasn’t been missed. Thole will still catch most of the games.-JD

  7. John = there were pictures in the NY Post of a moving truck backed up to the house in Old Brookville taking furniture and other items from there. Wonder if K-Rod has already found a new place to live?

  8. One thing that really disturbs me is the way the Wilpons have acted over this crisis in their building — even up to today, Fred has not made any remarks about the KRod issue and Jeff only sent out an 18 word statement.

    Is this any way to run a major league baseball team??

  9. 20 years ago the Mets ownership greeted every bit of bad news (Coleman throwing firecracker at children, Cone rape allegations, fights between teammates,etc) with constant pointing out about how many games they had won over longer and longer time periods. They can’t even do that anymore.

    If you had any sense about owning a sports organization, you should realize that things like this are going to happen. You should have contingency plans (if you don’t have the innate skills) about how you are going to act. The Wilpons can’t do that.

    Off to play our nemesis of the 1960s, the Houston Astros. As Richie Ashburn once said, the women in that town wear mosquito repellent instead of perfume.

  10. So looking at the game day
    Pelfrey went almost 7 innings.
    he only gave up 3 runs. and iffense did nothing.
    I didnt watch the game so i dont know if Pelf got a raw deal and his pitching has started getting better again.


    doesnt look like offense will give us more than 1 or 3 runs in any given game.

  11. So it looks like my assumption that he pitched well is well founded and it was our bats that did him dirty..

    I trolled and found the following comments:

    Mike Pelfrey was on the mound, trying to duplicate his prior performance against the Rockies, and he pitched solid ball.

    His problem was holding the Phillies running game. The Phillies stole three bases against Pelfrey and they all led to runs. He retired the first four batters he faced, before allowing a single in the second.

    Pelfrey pitched decent enough, but not good enough with the Mets’ bats really struggling. In seven innings, he allowed three runs on seven hits, and hit two batters. It was his second consecutive quality start after a long rough patch.

  12. On the Day that Elvis died 33 years ago, I see the future of the Mets dimming as well.

    When Fred Wilpon brushes off a reporter, who is asking about His Team, by saying “Excuse me, I’ve got a function with the University of Michigan upstairs” that pretty much tells it all about Fred. He bought the team and gave it to Jeffy whose only comment about the past few days has been 18 words of boilerplate.

    Those who would like to replace Jerry Manuel with Wally Backman had better look up the Backman record in Arizona – you’ll find a couple of domestic violence and DUIs. I still wonder how he got a job that involved kids.

    At least the city of New York has gone by the book and arrested K-Rod and told him he could not go back to the LI home where he had been living with his common-law wife and their twins. His court date is September 14, and he must attend Anger Management sessions as well.

    Is this what our National Pastime has come to?

  13. All sports and movie stars get preferential treatment.
    If you are on the A list. You will be given much more leniency than any other person on the planet.

  14. i think it is time for a new poll.

    0.500 record – over/under.

    do we hit 81 wins this year?