Tonight’s lineup vs. Phillies

Here’s tonight’s line-up vs. Cole Hamels:

Mike Hessman replaces Ike Davis at first base, meaning Davis has sat in two of the last three games. Davis is the future of this team and I want to see him out there; I want to see him get opportunities against left-handed pitching.

Jose Reyes, SS

Angel Pagan, LF

David Wright, 3B

Carlos Beltran, CF

Mike Hessman, 1B

Jeff Francoeur, RF

Henry Blanco, C

Ruben Tejada, 2B

R.A. Dickey, RP

Take a good look at that lineup. The five through nine hitters strike little fear among pitchers. Looks like another low scoring night.

5 thoughts on “Tonight’s lineup vs. Phillies

  1. So no love for Ike Davis.
    Hessman has been good. But so far we all like Ike.

    Notice that M&M still cannot make up his mind and stick with a winning lineup.

  2. BTW : Loudmouths are saying that next year everyone should be gone.. gee i wonder who here was calling for that .. 😉